31 December 2006


Last updated 12 August 2010

Determined to make my contribution,
I am available for:

- readings of my poems
- discussion of my book ENOUGH!
- talks / panel discussions / conferences
- on TV / radio / anywhere

About the following:

- Islamophobia
- Islam and the West
- 11 September 2001
- the so-called War on Terror
- Israel / Palestine
and related subjects

As a "white ethnic Dane" who has worked, lived
and travelled extensively in Islamic as well as
non-Islamic countries, and who converted to
Islam in 2006, I do feel that I am in an excellent
position to comment on the very serious and
rapidly growing problems between the Islamic
world and the West.

Muslims seeing and hearing me will get
reassurance that not all "white Westerners"
are Islamophobic cartoonists constantly out
to demonise them and, conversely, "white
Westerners" seeing and hearing me might
sit up, take notice and reflect that you do
not have to be an Arab or an Asian to
embrace Islam and hold views generally
considered alien to those of the West.

What I have to say is, although best
expressed in poetry, straight and clear
no-nonsense, based on my conviction
that Islam and Muslims have nothing to
apologise for, and we should therefore
hold our heads high whilst tirelessly
pointing out the despicable double
standards that the Judeo-Christian West
is employing in its dealings with the rest
of the world, Muslims in particular, the
most painfully obvious cases being the
so-called War on Terror and the continued
terrible plight of the Palestinians.

If interested, please send me an email on

==>> info@IBRAHEEM.dk

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