01 January 2007



The year started in a very promising fashion:
That evil man and well-known war-criminal Ariel Sharon
was struck down and finally silenced by a massive stroke
in early January. Excellent news!

Three weeks later, Hamas won a convincing and impressive
victory in elections judged to be free and fair in Palestine.
More excellent news!
Elections which the collective West had been exhorting
them to hold for some time and to which the brutal Israeli
occupiers eventually reluctantly agreed -even in Jerusalem-
so the Palestinians voted, but instead of congratulating
them on a job well done and rewarding them, the West did
not like the results and promptly denounced the winners as
terrorists, made ridiculous demands that no self-respecting
Palestinian would ever accept and when Hamas, personified
by that fine and principled man PM Ismail Haniya,
steadfastly refused to bend, the West added a financial
boycott and political isolation to that long-suffering
occupied people.
Who can blame the Palestinians if they loathe, despise
and hate the West!

Weeks later, the elections in Israel produced the exact
opposite of those in Palestine, a vague and indecisive
result but some semblance of a coalition was cobbled
together, led by Sharon's new party under Ehud Olmert,
the former Mayor of Jerusalem, who wasted no time in
showing the world that he is a worthy successor to the
Butcher of Sabra and Shatila.

Olmert soon flew to Washington and every word that he
uttered was enthusiastically applauded, in particular when,
in a speech to the joint Houses, he talked of the Jews and
"our historic rights to our land", everyone, VP Cheney
included, leapt to their feet clapping madly.
In their joint press-conference, Olmert and that other
well-known mass-murderer and war-criminal GW Bush
both referred to Israel, possibly for the first time in public,
as the Jewish State of Israel - was this to prepare world
opinion for further expansion of existing apartheid laws
and ethnic cleansing operations?
Bush called Olmert's plans for the West Bank "bold"
although those plans are of course totally illegal, as they
entail Israel keeping all their large settlements, plus the
Jordan Valley "for security reasons".
Wonderful term isn't it, just quote "security" and you
can do whatever you want, although that doesn't make
what you are doing or intend to do legal.


Later in the year, in June-July-August, Israel, as so often
before, showed its true face, that of brutal arrogance and
complete disregard for human life and international law,
when, void of all compassion and decency, in a
continuation of the state-terrorism which the Zionists
have indisputably embraced from the start of the
Jewish State,

(well, from before the start actually, as was demonstrated in
July when right-wingers, among them former PM Benjamin
Netanyahu, openly and proudly celebrated the 60th
anniversary of the pure act of terrorism that left the British
HQ in Palestine, the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, in ruins
and 92 people dead, blown up by the terror-group the Irgun,
headed by Menachem Begin, who later became Israeli PM,
another man wanted by the British intelligence services for
terrorism was Yitzak Shamir, who also later became PM,
nice people these founding fathers of the Jewish State of
Israel! Sorry about the digression but it was relevant.....)

it seized the opportunity provided by elements of Hamas
& Co in Gaza and by Hizbollah in Lebanon when those
groups grabbed 1 Israeli soldier from Gaza and 2 from
south Lebanon. Note that these were soldiers and as such
legitimate targets of any resistance. Currently, there are
about 9,000 Palestinians in Israeli prisons, about 300
women and 150 minors.
Are they all "dangerous enemy combatants?!!?

Any sensible government guided by reason would negotiate
the release of a small number of its people, and indeed
Israel has done this many times in the past, but this time
Israel invaded Gaza and Lebanon in an orgy of violence
and destruction, leading all rational observers to conclude
that this had been planned long in advance between Israel
and Washington, in an effort to bring about the longed-for
dream of the neo-Cons, "the New Middle East", by once
and for all crushing resistance in Gaza and more
importantly Lebanon.

The dream quickly turned sour and soon to nightmare, not
only for the residents of Gaza and Lebanon, who were
systematically bombed to bits, infrastructure the length and
breadth of Lebanon and Gaza, civilians fleeing in panic, old
people left behind, civilians hiding in buildings (Qana II),
emergency and rescue vehicles and their personnel, even
a UN post and 4 observers, all were savagely blown away,
whilst that loathsome pair GW Bush and Tony Blair did all
they could to delay an immediate ceasefire in that
discredited forum, the UN Security Council, so as to give
their Zionist masters time to "complete the job".

The dream of smashing Hizbollah and Hamas turned out
be collective Zionist and neo-Con hallucinations:

To the north, the unstoppable Israeli army, the pride of the
Jewish Nation, using the latest American equipment, spent
more time carrying back their dead and wounded than
going forward, and in the end was fought to a standstill in
the hills of south Lebanon, and chose to go home (and
without their 2 captured comrades!), whilst Israeli
warplanes were busy virtually carpeting the south with
presents ("From Israel with Hate") in the form of
unexploded cluster bombs during the last 72 hours of the
conflict at a time when both sides knew a ceasefire was
imminent, this was called "completely immoral" by the
UNs Jan Egeland, surely one of the best sound-bites of
the year --- and the reason for the Israeli defeat, for there
is no other way to describe it? Hizbollah's heroic resistance
fighters. I salute every one of them and in particular
Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.
Were I Lebanese, I would vote for you!

Far from being crushed or seriously weakened, Hizbollah
emerged more popular than ever, leading to its demands
for more power in the coalition, when that was rejected,
they withdrew their cabinet ministers which effectively
paralysed the "government", and at year-end many of their
supporters were still camped outside the residence of PM
Fouad Siniora, demanding a government of national unity.

And to the south, at year-end, despite Israel's wanton
destruction and collective punishment, and despite deadly
internal strife between Fatah and Hamas, no doubt partially
as a result of hunger and the hopeless overall situation and
no doubt partially stoked from the outside (guess who!),
and despite their offices having been bombed, many of
their elected representatives arrested and taken away, and
a near-successful assassination attempt on the PM - the
Israeli soldier remains in captivity and Haniya and Hamas
remain unbowed.
Were I Palestinian, I would vote for you!


In Israel, recriminations and intense soul-searching gripped
the nation and there can be no doubt that the misadventure
in Lebanon will have a lasting effect on the national psyche,
and richly deserved. May it put a damper on their regional
aspirations and reduce their stupefying arrogance!!

To add to Israeli woes, their distinguished and immaculate
president Moshe Katsav was accused of multiple rapes and
other sexual misdemeanors against female employees, the
justice minister resigned over sexual harassment charges,
and the PM Ehud Olmert was in trouble over a property
deal in Jerusalem.
What a glaring contrast to the God-fearing clean-living
straight-dealing people of Hamas and Hizbollah!!


Sadly, but not unexpected, the Palestinian president
Mahmoud Abbas has made himself increasingly irrelevant
and almost ridiculous, most recently by going to illegally
occupied Jerusalem to receive the "kiss-of-death" directly
from Olmert himself, returning with vague promises of $100
million of the Palestinians' own money, illegally withheld for
months (there is $600 million more), if Abbas could specify
what it would be spent on, vague promises of a prisoner
release, reneged on a few days later, and very vague
promises of possibly starting negotiations soon.
Although Israel claims to support Mahmoud Abbas, most of
its actions undermine him: only days after his visit, Israel
announced its decision to build a new settlement in the
Jordan Valley. Nice friends to have!
Then Israel OKed a weapons-deal for Fatah with Egypt.
More humiliation for Abbas!
Israel is only serious about two things -
more land and fewer Palestinians.


At year-end, the European Investment Bank approved loans
of 275m Euros to Israel, whilst the EU is doing what it can to
starve the Palestinians into submission -
see European Union below.


At the height of Israel's barbaric onslaught on Lebanon,
various nations put on a distasteful scramble to evacuate
their own citizens, which can only have encouraged Israel
further, taking that to be another green light to destroy
anything and anyone left behind.
Lebanon should ban all those who chose to leave from ever
returning - no nation needs those who only want the good


After Israel's even by its own standards extraordinary
Summer-display of pure evil, one would have thought that
all nations, except for America and Britain of course, would
have shunned Israel for a considerable time and treated its
leaders as untouchables, or at least communicated with the
Zionist state out of the public eye, but no, such reasonable
expectations of decency were soon dashed.

Later in the year, PM Olmert went on official trips to Europe
(Italy, the Vatican, Germany, others?) as if nothing had
happened, and was courteously received wherever he went,
leaders of supposedly decent nations warmly shaking
hands with that..... that.....
(still searching for the right word).

And the very same people refuse to meet with, talk to, or
even consider talking to, the fine and principled men who
make up the leadership of Hamas and Hizbollah.
That tells the Islamic world just about all it needs to know
about the collective West!


Immediately after the ceasefire, Tony Blair went to the ME,
incredibly visiting Beirut without being lynched, and the
same in Ramallah. What did he hope to achieve, having
had so much direct personal responsibility for the death
and destruction during the previous weeks?
Why was he allowed in? Amazing! Fouad Siniora and
Mahmoud Abbas, had they had any self-respect, or any
respect for their brutalised populations, would have told
that war-criminal to stay away, but no, he came, spoke his
usual obscenities, and found time to visit the parents of the
captured Israeli soldier, promising to do what he could.

Did it even cross his mind to visit Huda, the poor Gaza-girl
who had all other members of her family blown away in an
instant by a shell from an Israeli patrol boat whilst having
an innocent afternoon on the beach?
Did it even cross his mind to visit, or make serious enquiries
about, the thousands of Palestinians imprisoned in Israel?


Condoleezza Rice also visited of course, and typically in
Lebanon she met with pro-Western PM Fouad Siniora
but not with pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud, and she
went to the West Bank to meet President Mahmoud Abbas
(Fatah) but did not go to Gaza to meet PM Ismail Haniya
(Hamas) - again, it gives the Western game away.
If America, Britain etc had any serious intentions to try to
solve ANY issue in the ME, they would wholeheartedly and
unreservedly talk to ALL the legitimate parties to the various
conflicts, but of course they don't and we know why.


In a massive show of worldwide support for the Palestinians,
the UN General Assembly on 1 December voted
overwhelmingly, up to 82% in favour, on various resolutions
condemning Israel, confirming that the occupation and
settlements, and the annexation of Jerusalem, are all illegal
and therefore null and void under international law, and
reaffirming the inalienable rights of the Palestinians.

If democratic majority decisions mean anything in this
world, and we are asked to believe they do, in particular by
the war-criminals in Washington, London, Tel-Aviv and
quite a few other places - then the civilised world, should
it still exist somewhere on this planet, must act on these
decisions AND ACT NOW!
Free Palestine!
Long live Hamas!
Ismail Haniya for president!


Have you made use of my Petitions against Israel yet?
If not, please do it NOW by visiting


Participation is free so there are no excuses!!


The tragedy in Iraq continued unabated, since the bombing
of the Shia shrine in Samarra early in the year, getting
increasingly sectarian, and there are good reasons for
believing that foreign forces are at work stoking that
growing sectarian hatred, and it is not Iran, as repeatedly
claimed by America and Britain, but -yet again- Israel,
probably assisted by US and UK special, very special, forces.
The BBC revealed during the year that Israelis are assisting
Kurdish forces in the North, and only fools would rule
anything out.

America and Britain has numerous times accused Iran of
"meddling in Iraq" and of course Iran is involved in what is
going on in Iraq in many ways, probably all positive, for the
simple self-evident reason that Iran, as a direct neighbour,
has every reason and every right to be alarmed, to use its
influence and to be involved.
It is the regional outsiders, the neo-Crusaders, who have
absolutely no right, legal or moral or other, to impose their
perverse concepts of right and wrong on this part of the

The overall verdict on the invasion and subsequent events
must surely be: abject dismal total failure.
Iraq and the Iraqis are undoubtedly worse off today than
under Saddam, brutal dictator that he was, and there is no
end and no hope in sight, currently an average of almost
100 are killed daily, for no real reason.

May all Shias, Sunnis and Kurds unite to drive the
occupiers out!

For the Americans, December has been the deadliest month
this year, with 112 (?) dead, and the official total US death
toll broke the 3,000 barrier just before the year ended.
Well done Iraqi insurgency, more power to you!!

Also, in other ways, too, Iraq is bleeding:

Apparently around 70% of the country's current significant
oil production is unaccounted for. How do you explain that?

And there is a massive exodus of educated people who have
the money and the contacts to flee, this combined with the
deliberate targeting by snipers of the very same educated
people, academics etc, reports estimate over 500 such
assassinations so far, will set Iraq back decades, and that is
obviously what somebody wants. Now, who can that be??


So, Saddam Hussein was executed on 30th December.
No tears from me, he was obviously an evil tyrant, but no
worse than many others created or supported eagerly by
the West, and it is amazing how quickly a good guy, worthy
of sipping tea with Donald Rumsfeld, can be turned into a
monster when he no longer serves the interests of the West.

His trial was undoubtedly not fair, as the US-installed
"government" was, for this trial only, able to pick and choose
laws or sections of laws from around the world more or less
as they pleased, in order to make sure of his conviction.
Also, the trial should not have taken place in Iraq itself so
long as it is under occupation. Maybe the Hague would
have been the proper place. Or maybe they should have
kept him in prison in Iraq until there is stability and law
and order, should that ever be achieved.

The timing of his execution, at the start of the Eid al-Adhaa
festival, and with 2,5 million Muslims performing the Hajj
(pilgrimage) in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, seems crassly stupid
and grossly inept, and both the execution itself and the
timing will of course do absolutely nothing for reconciliation
in that country, if we can still refer to Iraq as one country.
In all probability, Iraq will break up into 3 parts, and that
may have been the evil plan all along, or at least "Plan B",
if Iraq refused to roll over and greet the invaders with
flowers and sweets.

As the Iranian Foreign Ministry immediately pointed out,
Saddam was executed for only one of his crimes, the
massacre of 148 Iraqis from the Shia village of Dujail in
1982, which means that the vast majority of his crimes
against humanity were not examined, presumably in order
to prevent scrutiny of US support for his regime. His case
was closed very quickly. If they had gone on to the case of
the Iran-Iraq and Kuwait wars, certainly his alliance with
America would have surfaced. So the Americans made
an effort to close his case with Dujail.

Also, because the current "government" is Shia-dominated
and in the Dujail-case the victims were Shias, this will make
it appear to all other Iraqis that it is sectarian revenge, as
Saddam of course was a Sunni, and that is a very bad
message to send out across the country! For that reason
alone, all the other cases against him should have been
brought to trial, yes, it would have taken several years,
but it would have been well worth it, for the cohesion
of Iraq.

Apparently, among Saddam's last words were:
"God is great. The nation will be victorious and Palestine
is Arab." If he truly meant the last 3 words, it shows that
he was not all evil and we should at least applaud him for
reminding us all that "Palestine is Arab".


By the way, do not dismantle the gallows yet, there are
many more equally deserving of that fate who should be
rounded up and lined up immediately:
Georgie, Cheney, Rummy, Condi, Tony, Sharon, Olmert to
name the most obvious, in terms of crimes against humanity
they are certainly the equal of Saddam, and collectively they
are no doubt guilty of more death and destruction, and I am
sure donors could be found for their one-way tickets to
Baghdad, or maybe they could all get free seats on one
of those "extraordinary rendition" flights.


Prediction for 2007:
Things will get much worse, will spiral out of control into
full civil war (isn't it already?), anarchy and chaos -
Thank you America (+Britain+Israel etc etc etc)!


Iran, persecuted on all fronts by the rabies-infested
Western wolves, kept up the defiant confrontational line
of rhetoric at every opportunity, President Ahmadinejad's
performance at the UN General Assembly was particularly

Full marks to Nejad also for organising first the Holocaust
cartoon competition, which surely was a logical response
to those dreadful cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
published in Denmark last year and which led to mass
demonstrations and violence throughout the Muslim world
early this year, and then the symposium on the Holocaust
which, apart from general condemnation, also attracted
scholars and speakers from around the world, including
some orthodox Jews who, like so many of us, consider
Zionism to be an abomination, a most refreshing way to
handle a subject which, despite its claims to freedom of
speech, is taboo in the West, as proven by the sad fact
that in several EU member states you risk going to prison
for up to 3 years for seriously questioning the Holocaust.


Of course the main topic over the year was Iran's nuclear
programme, the UN Security Council finally in December
passing some weak sanctions at the insistence of the West,
and it would have been so nice if Russia or China had
simply vetoed the resolution, as America invariably does
for Israel.
That Iran has an inalienable right to pursue nuclear
technology is indisputable, so let Iran get on with it, it is a
member of the IAEA and the NPT, but for how much longer
is a good question: Iran could simply withdraw from the
NPT, there is a simple formal procedure for doing so, and
then what would the West do? Surely some inspections and
insight into what they are doing must be better than none
at all?? Aaahh, but you don't understand:
If Iran is pushed into withdrawing, the West may use the
lack of access as an excuse to press for further sanctions,
maybe under UN Chapter 7 which could eventually open
the way to using force.
But the Iranians are masterful and brilliant negotiators and
would surely outmanouver the shameless blood-thirsty
demagogues of the West and string it out at least until
America's Presidential elections in 2008!

Also, Iran is not Iraq: the country is 4 times and the
population 3 times bigger than Iraq, so would represent a
formidable challenge should anyone be stupid or arrogant
enough to attack.
As for a full-scale invasion, Iran has no need to worry:
America, for all its technology, cannot even control Iraq,
despite having had 140,000 troops there for several years,
and as for the their much-trumpeted "smart" weapons,
they are not much good when, as so often is the case,
they are operated by fools.
With the US and the UK hopelessly and helplessly bogged
down in Iraq, the troops are simply not available and
consequently invading Iran is just not a realistic proposal,

Airstrikes against its nuclear facilities, by either Israel or
America, are of course a possibility but most of them are
deep underground (the Iranians have not forgotten Osirak,
May 1981, but in case they had, Israel chose to remind the
world by celebrating the 25th anniversary of this blatant act
of state-terrorism, for which, as with all its other acts of pure
barbarism, Israel incredibly went unpunished), so difficult
to destroy or even disable, and Iran would certainly retaliate,
either against American targets in Iraq or against Israel.

That Iran is ready for any confrontation was demonstrated
several times this year, with massive military manouvres
being held on land and sea, and several new types of
missiles being test-fired.

Amazingly, Iran has so far not used the 2 arguments that
may be its best cards: tie negotiations over its own nuclear
programme to the nuclear WEAPONS programmes of Israel
and India, Israel helped to nuclear arms by the West
decades ago, and India rewarded by America this year for
having developed nuclear weapons on its own in defiance
of international opinion, including that of the US.
Yes, the West really is insane.
Maybe Iran is holding these 2 "trump" cards back for later??

Also, with both Turkey and Egypt, and further away also
Australia, revealing aspirations for nuclear power, Iran's
position looks more and more reasonable.


The president was weakened by the recent "mid-term"
elections as many moderates were elected across the
country and in particular in Tehran but he will be clever
enough to draw the right conclusions.


Iran has also pulled off a master-stroke this year: although
its much-publicised long-awaited Euros-only oil-exchange
did not quite materialise, after much hesitation, Iran has
changed many of its investments into Euros and will charge
many oil-customers in Euros. A brilliant start and it is hoped
that Venezuela and Russia may soon follow!!
Why should energy be priced in dollars worldwide?
Absolute nonsense, from which mainly America benefits.


Prediction for 2007:
No change, maybe an increase in rhetoric on all sides
but no action.


Syria showed admirable restraint and great wisdom by
ignoring the very threatening noises Israel was making at
the beginning of the brutal onslaught on Lebanon. Zionist
accusations were flying, as were Israeli jets, some of which
during the first day or two repeatedly buzzed the seaside
home of President Assad in a clear violation of national
airspace and international law.

The Syrians also showed their great compassion and
generosity by taking in hundreds of thousands of Lebanese
fleeing the death and destruction.


Following this summer's events, we should also once
more ask the question: who killed Rafik al-Hariri??
Syria was accused from day one of course, but it never
made sense. More likely, those with most to gain from
implicating Syria did it - and who is that?
Israel and America of course!
Hariri's death led directly to enormous pressure on Syria to
pull its 15,000 troops out of the south of Lebanon, which it
duly did after a UN-SC resolution, leaving the way clear, the
evil planners in Israel and America thought, to first smash
Lebanon, pending any petty excuse, which came with
Hizbollah's snatching of the 2 soldiers, leaving the road clear
to the next target, Syria, thus surrounding and isolating Iran.
Simple, isn't it??


Elsewhere in the Middle East,
the same unrepresentative governments continued to
oppress their people, with the blessing of the West, which
cares nothing about democracy, freedom and human rights,
what the West is promoting around the world, and in
energy-rich Muslim countries in particular, is brutal
exploitation for its own insatiable greed, and it can be
summed up as Western Corporate Totalitarianism.

Late in the year, there was Tony Blair again in the ME,
telling everybody how vitally important it is that the "forces
of moderation" unite to "pin back the forces of extremism"
across the region and he explicitly called Iran "a major
strategic threat", whereas anyone who is not brain-dead
can see that it is Israel and its servants in the West which
pose, to use Israel's own description of Iran, "a clear and
present danger" to the whole region.

Over and over again, the West is making it clear to the
Islamic world that as far as it is concerned, the only good
Muslim, whether individual or nation, is a compliant one,
and that is a fatefully confrontational view:

There are currently around 1,3 billion Muslims in this world,
meaning that one in every 5, or 20%, of us humans is a
Muslim, indicators point to Islam being the fastest growing
faith on the planet, and that ultimate nightmare-fear of the
West, political Islam, is on the rise everywhere, either
simply because "now is the time", but more likely as a direct
logical healthy natural and above all very human reaction
to the West's incessant encroaching on the Muslim world,
that long slow march of Western Corporate Totalitarianism.

If the West is hell-bent on a deadly confrontation,
then it will undoubtedly get it for this simple reason:
Good Muslims only submit to their Creator!
The West has been warned and, should it still go ahead
as planned, don't blame Islam for the consequences.....

Roll on real democracy, genuine free and fair elections
in all Arab and Muslim countries!
If those elections were held tomorrow, once the votes were
counted, all those countries would have anti-Western and
stridently anti-American governments, and richly deserved
too. It cannot happen too soon!


Following the illegal invasion in late 2001 based on a pack of
lies (did you know that Osama bin Laden is still not officially
wanted by the US for anything in connection with Sept 11?
Check the FBI website
the poster on OBL was last updated in November 2001 and
makes no direct mention of it!), Afghanistan was supposed
to be the showcase of the "War on Terror" (the WOT? for
short), with "real" democratic elections, quotas for women
in parliament (in itself an affront to democracy!), "proper"
central government, and the "elimination" of the Taliban.
And what have we got? A bloody chaotic mess! Ha!
Another richly deserved dismal failure for the collective
West! The real losers are of course the Afghan people who
deserve much better but continue to live, like the Iraqis
and the Somalis, without security, jobs, utilities etc etc etc,
and worst of all, without any real hope of things improving
as long as the occupation continues.

If the West thinks that the Taliban will go away, it is again
sorely mistaken: the Taliban are Afghanis who have every
right to live in Afghanistan according to their traditions and
their understanding of their religion. The outsiders who
have no moral or legal right to be there are the occupying
powers, who are forcing their own perverse contemporary
norms on a proud and fiercely independent people, and it
was always doomed to failure, but the leaders of the West
are so far gone in their hallucinations of superiority to even
consider that they might conceivably be wrong. The sooner
the invaders and occupiers leave the better, for themselves
and for Afghanistan. So long as they remain, things will get
No people likes being occupied: ask the Palestinians,
they know about these matters!

This year the Taliban and their friends surprised (almost!)
everybody by coming back so strongly, and adopting the
insurgency tactics used so successfully in Iraq (human
bombers and car bombs and other IEDs, in particular
roadside bombs) they made a real impact and won grudging
respect from the Coalition of the Killing, which lost
surprisingly many soldiers, especially Britain and Canada.
As in Iraq, far too many civilians got caught out in the
middle, and we shall never know the exact number, and of
course some of those were killed by insurgency actions,
but it is equally clear that many were what the Coalition
so clinically calls "collateral damage", civilian deaths and
maimings as a result of botched operations, faulty
intelligence, cowardly over-reliance on airstrikes etc.
Not the way to win hearts and minds!!


According to reports, corruption, both official and unofficial,
is now as bad as in pre-Taliban days, as is the cultivation of
opium poppies and production of heroin, the only real
growth industry in the country. How sad, and what a terrible
indictment of the West and its motives, that both corruption
and heroin were well on the way to being eradicated by the
Taliban when it was itself brutally "eradicated" by the West.
May all the heroin be smuggled successfully out of
Afghanistan and end up on the streets of Western cities!


Prediction for 2007: starting in the spring, the insurgency
will get much stronger and gain wider popular support, and
the central "government" in Kabul will continue to be more
or less irrelevant, if anything it is part of the problem rather
than any solution.


It is difficult to think of a more unnatural "ally" of the
US, yet there it is, with its unelected military ruler, sorry
President Musharraf (some would say "Bush-arraf",
or the "Bush and Mush" show) clamping down on
expressions of political Islam, banning various groups,
brutally supressing movements for autonomy or
independence in energy-rich Balochistan, test-firing
new missiles, grappling with the enormous task
of rebuilding the parts of Kashmir devastated by the
huge earthquake just over a year ago, having regular spats
with massive neighbour India, routinely being accused
by the Afghan "government" of aiding the insurgency,
somehow avoiding assassination attempts, continuing his
impossible high-wire balancing act, and running for
President in 2007 in elections which 2 former PMs,
Benazir Bhutto and Nawar Sharif, have vowed they will
return to Pakistan to contest - how much longer
can all this continue?


Prediction for 2007:
How much longer can all this continue?


The world's largest democracy (1,1 billion, meaning that
currently every 6th person on planet earth is an Indian
national) was rewarded by the world's most expensive
"democracy", America, (unless you can raise several
hundred million dollars for your presidential campaign,
forget it, and even if you clear that hurdle, you still first
have to say "Yes, I will and Yes, I do" to the Zionist lobby -
America a democracy? Ha!) in a nuclear deal which,
once again and this time surely so conclusively and
comprehensively proves to all the nauseating hypocrisy
of America, that no-one will ever take it seriously again:

America is to provide civilian nuclear expertise and
technology, and nuclear fuel to India, and in return??
India, which is a founding member of the IAEA but has
never signed the NPT, and which developed nuclear
weapons in the mid-nineties in defiance of world opinion,
including the US, will open up the 14 of its 22 nuclear
installations which it terms "civilian" to limited inspections
by the IAEA but the remaining 8, which it terms "military",
will remain off limits.
This means that India can redirect all its own nuclear fuel,
made from its own large uranium deposits, towards making
weapons, uninspected and therefore undetected, and rely
on the American fuel for energy generation.
Whilst it is generally known that most Americans are stupid,
some of us thought, or rather hoped, that there were limits,
but no!

As if to celebrate the deal's passage through the US
Congress, India immediately test-fired a new type of
nuclear-capable missile!

Of course, the hidden US agenda by helping India is
containment of China, the world's largest non-democracy
(1,3 billion, meaning that currently every 5th person on
planet earth is a Chinese national).

Wonderful news for non-proliferation! (That was a joke!).
What it means is that America is rewarding India for rogue
behaviour of the worst kind at the same time it is ranting
and raving about and directly threatening ("no option has
been ruled out") IAEA-member and NPT-signatory Iran for
pursuing its inalienable rights under those treaties to
nuclear technology, as Iran claims for energy and other
peaceful purposes only, and so far there is not a scrap
of evidence to the contrary.
This has nothing to do with nuclear matters but everything
to do with Islam, more specifically political Islam and quite
specifically The Islamic Republic of Iran.
Can you all see it now?
Do you agree that this is nauseating hypocrisy?
Thank you!
Tragically for the world, American foreign policy is, in about
equal measure, indefensible and untenable, outrageous
and ridiculous.

Remember GW Bush crowing to PM Manmohan Singh
earlier in the year: "One hundred million Muslims in India,
(get it right: there are approximately 150 million!) and not
ONE member of al-Qaida!".
Even should that have been a rare fact emanating from the
lips of GWB, they surely will be signing up now!


With parts still reeling from the devastating tsunami which
struck at the end of 2004, exactly 2 years ago, and new
natural disasters affecting the same and other parts during
the past year, Indonesia has been busy on many fronts.

Time was found to ban the local edition of Playboy-
magazine after demonstrations by Muslim groups.

Later in the year, the cleric Abu Bakr Bashir, imprisoned for
3 years for allegedly being the spiritual leader of Jemmah
Islamiyah, which he always denied, and therefore found
indirectly responsible in part at least for the 2002 Bali
bombings, was released after serving about half the
sentence, much to the disgust of Australia and America,
and towards the end of the year his conviction was quashed


The government of PM John Howard continued to side so
obviously and laughably with America in its "War on Terror"
(the WOT? for short) that it, as one of only 7 nations, even
voted against the pro-Palestinian resolutions which were
passed overwhelmingly by the UN-GA on 1 December.
No nation which claims to be decent and compassionate
could possibly vote against those!


Australia, one of only 2 nations which have signed but so
far failed to ratify the Kyoto-protocol on CO2 emissions
(the other being "big dirty" America of course), at year-end
openly talked about reviving its nuclear power generation
programme, shelved many years ago, and if you like
nuclear power it suits Australia perfectly as it has huge
uranium deposits. Should be more good news for Iran!



Having had the proposed EU Constitution voted down
by France and the Netherlands in 2005, the EU was still
debating what to do next and there was nothing to
celebrate on that front.


Following the election victory of Hamas in occupied
Palestine in January, the EU decided, no doubt in close
consultation with America and Israel, that it did not really
like democracy after all and tried to solve the "problem" by
political isolation of the Hamas government, when that did
not work, a financial embargo was added.
This kind of behaviour is indisputably a kind of terrorism!!!


Introducing the Euro was surely one of the three
boldest projects yet by the EU
(the other two being the Single Market in 1992 and the
massive expansion eastwards in 2004, when 9 former
Communist countries, plus Malta, were admitted in one
go, adding more than 100 million people).
Now the Euro will be 5 years old on 1st January and
by all accounts (no pun intended!), it is going from
strength to strength. Long may it continue!
More power to the Euro! Happy Birthday!!


Talking of money, the European Investment Bank has
just approved loans of 275m Euros to Israel, whilst the
EU is doing what it can to starve the Palestinians into
submission (see above) - I used to be proud of it but it
is with great sadness that I now have to say I am
ashamed to be a citizen of the European Union.
What happened to the ideals of the founding fathers
of the noble European project?


The EU Parliament again proved its independence by
publishing a report about the intriguing subject of
"extraordinary rendition" by America but the
interesting aspects were that several EU member states
-Britain, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania among them-
were indicted by the report as having aided and abetted
such operations by allowing their territories to be used
for stop-overs and in some cases also secret detention
facilities. So far Poland appears to be the worst and
most obvious case but nothing is settled yet.

We can expect this unsavoury saga to continue in 2007
and there is reason to believe that the new Congress in
America, with both Houses now controlled by the
Democrats, may be more cooperative.
Something really stinks there.....


As the year rings out, Bulgaria and Romania join as full
members of the EU, bringing the number of member
states to 27, adding another 30 million people and
bringing the total number of EU citizens closer to that
magic figure of 500 million, 489 million actually.
For useful comparison, America officially broke into
300 million this year and Russia is losing people fast,
mainly due to emigration and vodka, current
population approx 144 million, down around
10 million in as many years.

Round those 3 figures off and keep them in mind:
EU...500 m --- USA...300 m --- Russia...150 m.


With Turkey and its accession negotiations, it is a very
different matter. It seems increasingly clear that the
EU is no longer sincere about the whole project
(assuming that was once the case), no doubt partly
due to direct pressure from a small number of EU
states, mainly Austria, France and Germany, and
partly due to the rampant Islamophobia now
gripping the West.

Using the Cyprus issue as the excuse whilst deviously
"moving the goalposts", the EU seems quite content to
let this drag on and on until the good Turks realise they
are not welcome and walk away from the negotiations.
That is no way to treat some of the friendliest people
on the planet.

Whether full membership is in Turkey's best long-term
interest is a very good question - it is already an
Associate Member and as such has many of the
benefits that full membership would bring.


Little Denmark continued to make headlines for all the
wrong reasons when the cartoon-issue refused to go away,
leading eventually to angry and violent demonstrations
across the Muslim world, fully understandable and justified
in my view. Danish dairy exports to the Middle East
dropped, temporarily at least, by half and although the
products have since been reintroduced on the shelves,
there is no obligation to buy!!

Denmark, through its PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen, is
currently a staunch ally of America, and he wastes no
opportunity to be seen with his mate Georgie. Denmark is
sadly also a member of the Coalition of the Killing and has
about 500 troops in Iraq and about 350 in Afghanistan,
a handful have returned in bodybags, and at least one
bereaved father is suing the government for participating
in an illegal war, or two, for let it be clear that there is no
international law which permits attacking, invading and
occupying a sovereign nation which is not demonstrably
an imminent direct and serious threat to yourself.
It therefore follows that any government, or rather the
individuals within it, who authorize such actions are guilty
of war-crimes and crimes against humanity, and they
should be treated accordingly: instead of the red carpet
treatment wherever they appear, they should be seized,
put in handcuffs and flown straight to the Hague!!


In September, a "terror-plot" was allegedly uncovered in
Denmark's 3rd largest city Odense, unsurprisingly in the
immigrant, meaning Muslim, quarter, doors kicked in
during the night, whole families taken away, and 9 men
kept in custody, rumours of connections with "terror-cells"
and "radical Imams" in Germany, most, maybe all, have
since been released without charges.
Excuse me, what is going on here? Most Western nations
now suffer from this Zionist-inspired automatic suspicion
of any Muslim or anything Islamic.


For your information, out of a population of 5,3 million,
there are about 200,000 Muslims in Denmark.
Officially there is one more since 15 November 2006
when I finally made the Shahada, al-hamdu-lillah,
and I have the paper to prove it.


During the past year, PM Tony Blair regularly made himself
still more ridiculous and still less credible, should that be
possible, most of the time sounding and acting more like an
American vice president or a special envoy for the Jewish
State of Israel. Anyone taking the time to actually think over
and analyse his major public utterings must be shaking their
heads in disbelief.
Both he and his mates in America (and elsewhere!) are
obviously so deeply and inextricably entangled in the web of
fantastic lies they have woven over the years, that all they
can do is add to those lies, hoping against hope that nobody
will notice - if their decisions and actions did not have such
tragic consequences for the world, it would be great

More than once during the year, Tony Blair talked about
the danger of the "evil ideology of a small number of Islamic
extremists", whereas to any rational person surely the evil
ideology is that which invades and occupies sovereign
nations, which are no imminent threats, on packs of
obscene lies and then describes those illegal and barbaric
acts as both noble and necessary, in order that the civilised
world may survive.
Or his remark that it was "not a clash of civilisations but a
clash about civilisation". That is simply obscene!

This deliberate use of language is deeply disturbing and
very sinister, is utterly unhelpful if the aim were truly to
solve any of our world's pressing problems, and is of
course totally lamentable and unforgivable.

In view of the indisputably evil policies that the West
is pursuing, it is a case of accusing your opponents of
being and doing exactly what you are and do yourself,
but because "we" (count me out please!) are against
"them", and because "we" could under no circumstances
be "bad", "we" are assumed to be "good", in which case
our opponents must be "bad", and then repeat this kind
of Newspeak so often that the general population gets
conditioned into believing it.

Classic propaganda technique and both Hitler and Stalin
would be proud of these mass-deception schemes, quite
possibly the most extensive in recorded history.....

Quote: "The broad mass of a nation is more likely to fall
victim to a big lie than to a small one".
Now, who said that?

Readers of my long poem The AXIS of EVIL will already
know the answer, which is:............. Adolf Hitler
in 1925 in his book Mein Kampf ("My Struggle").


Former FM Jack Straw added to the already volatile
"Muslim wardrobe debate" when he said that women
should not wear the niqab (face veil).
Having relied to a large extent on the Muslim vote in his
own constituency over the years, here is hoping that next
time he will be voted out of office by the wearers of the
offending piece of cloth!

Incidentally Jack Straw, interviewed on Islam Channel TV,
said, and I quote: "If we want to do good in the world, we
must have a close relationship with America".
Excuse me Jack? Of course I understand the words but
I cannot get my head round those sentiments - it must be
absolutely clear to anybody who is neither blind nor deaf,
nor a fool, that the current America is doing little but pure
evil in the world - or am I missing something Jack??


New FM Margaret Beckett repeatedly stated Britain's
objection to America's Guantanamo Bay prison, saying it
should be closed, as did just about everybody else world-
wide, but she failed to point out that what Britain is doing
in its own prisons on British soil is no different, in terms of
disregard for international law concerning detainees etc.


July saw the 1st anniversary of 7/7, the London bombings,
and predictably all the "proper" things were said by all the
"proper" people.
Equally predictably, not a word was said about all the
inconsistencies and wide open questions left, most
worryingly the Labour government's refusal to hold an
official and public inquiry, on the feeble justification that it
would direct valuable resources away from preventing the
next terror attack on Britain.

If you wish to explore some of these issues,
click on the URL below


and you will find it very interesting and informative!


Mysteriously, during Israel's grotesquely savage destruction
of Lebanon and its friendly people, Britain claimed to have
uncovered a sophisticated "terror-plot", the aim of which
was to blow up several transatlantic airliners with an
assortment of liquids, allegedly combining to form TATP.
Promptly, all planes were grounded and complicated and
time-consuming new "security-measures" were put in place
(among them, mothers travelling with babies requiring
feeding-bottles, had to test-drink the contents in front of
staff!), causing enormous inconvenience to passengers,
airlines and all staff. Most probably did not believe a word
of it, but it was swallowed, along with all the other lies and
slanders against Muslims.


Interior Minister John Reid visited a masjid (mosque) in
London's East End and advised Muslim parents to "look out
for suspicious behaviour in their children". Words fail me!!
Has he given, or is he going to give, the same advice to
Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, etc, not forgettting
atheist, parents? If not, he should keep his mouth shut!


The "Grosse Koalition", or government of national unity,
of Angela Merkel did itself no favours on the inernational
stage this year:

Angela seems to have a personal love-affair with Georgie,
even walking hand-in-hand with the monster himself at
the G8-summit in Russia.

And at the height of Israel's grotesquely savage destruction
of Lebanon and its friendly people, Germany proudly
announced the sale to Israel of 3 diesel-powered
submarines capable of carrying nuclear missiles, the
German state (read: taxpayers) subsidising the cost by one
third, that is, one of the three was FREE and, worst of all,
Germany obtained no guarantees from Israel that they
would NOT carry nuclear missiles, at a stroke obliterating
Germany's long-sacred stated policy of strict non-
proliferation. Incredibly, besides some objections from
the Greens, it was passed by parliament!


Also, during the Lebanon-crisis, Germany announced
it had foiled a "terror-plot" (suitcases containing timing
devices wired to gas canisters, a shopping list in Arabic and
a couple of telephone numbers in Lebanon, left on trains)
allegedly involving Lebanese.
Ha ha ha! Do you really think we are all so stupid?
False-flag terrorism, real or imagined, is one of the major
growth industries in the Western world - may it pay the
price for its own arrogance and evil intentions!


Late in the year, Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, on a visit to
Germany, whilst ranting and raving about Iran's nuclear
programme, let slip what the world has known for many
years: that Israel has nuclear weapons.
During the same interview, he said it was OK for America
to have nuclear weapons because, wait for this,
"America is a civilised nation" - Excuse me???
Apart from being demonstrably incorrect, the implication,
the unspoken message, was that Iran is NOT civilised,
which is an astounding accusation for Israel, of all nations,
to make!


Was the submarine deal yet another way for Germany,
60 years after Hitler, to still make reparations and wear
sackcloth-and-ashes for what Hitler did to the Jews?
I used to admire Germany, but no more!


Finally the end came for PM Berlusconi, but only just,
the election results were close. New (read: old) PM Romano
Prodi immediately confirmed that Italian troops would be
withdrawn from Iraq, a decision, surprisingly perhaps,
already taken earlier by Berlusconi.
Ominously, when Israeli PM Ehud Olmert visited Italy late
in the year, Prodi promised that his government would
support the Jewish nature of Israel, to which Olmert replied
that the assurance personally meant a lot to him.
It seems that nobody dares call Israel what it indisputably is:

By its very nature, the Jewish State of Israel is a state
based on racism, xenophobia, ethnic cleansing, exclusivity,
the superiority of the Jews in a class system bordering on
apartheid, systematic legislation to marginalize its Arab
citizens (nearly 20% of the population).
Israel has also, indisputably, made state-terrorism
its chosen way of life.


President Vladimir Putin, surely the most robotic human
ever seen, is steadily and stealthily concentrating more and
more real power for himself in the Kremlin, the Duma is still
there of course but largely an irrelevant talking-shop.

From mysterious ways to re-nationalise Yukos, to equally
mysterious deaths of dissenters, the rolling back of
democratic reforms are there for all to see.

But I like Putin's dry sense of humour, you may not believe
it but, yes, he really does have one, herewith 2 examples
from this past year:
During the G8-summit in St.Petersburg, after one of GWBs
"lectures" on the beauties and benefits of democracy, Putin
asked innocently: "You mean, like they have in Iraq now?".
I hope that hurt!
At a later conference, off the record but it was still reported,
he offered his opinion that Israel's president Moshe Katsav
was "a mighty man and we are all jealous" (Katsav was of
course accused of multiple rapes and other sexual
harrassment of female employees). Yes, he did apologise
later, that is, to women and not to Kasav, acknowledging
that the joke had been "inappropriate".


Russia is of course the energy giant of Europe and Putin
knows it, using strong-arm tactics which are quite
unacceptable against any former USSR republic which
does not toe the line: Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus have all felt
what it is like to "negotiate" with Putin's energy bosses.


Targeted assassinations of journalists and others who dare
to investigate or speak out, are not uncommon, although it
is difficult to exactly pin the blame anywhere in particular.
However, the polonium poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko,
former KGB-man turned exposer of murky sinister plots, in
London late in the year, is mysterious and deeply worrying
and it does point to high places as such an operation
requires a level of sophistication and access simply not
available to even the most advanced crime syndicate.


In that almost forgotten (repressed?) European tragedy,
Chechnya, Russian troops are accused of widespread
and very serious human rights violations.

Late in the year, a European court ordered Russia to pay
277,000 Euros in compensation to relatives of a Chechen
family shot dead by Russian troops. Human rights groups
say they were innocent civilians executed by a paramilitary
police unit and the court found Russia guilty of violating
the European Convention on Human Rights.
It said five members of the Estamirov family, found shot
dead outside their home in the Chechen capital, Grozny,
in February 2000, at the height of the second Chechen
war, had been the victims of unlawful killing by the
Russian state. Amongst the dead were a baby and a heavily
pregnant woman. The court in Strasbourg, France, said
there had been delays in the investigation by the Russian
authorities, after six years it had failed to produce any
results and no-one had been charged.
According to a report by Human Rights Watch, 60 civilians
were allegedly killed in the same part of Grozny on the
same day by the same Russian police unit.

The European court is due to consider another case
connected to this incident. An increasing number of cases
alleging gross human rights violations by Russian security
forces in Chechnya are being brought before the court in
Strasbourg - abundant proof that relatives of those killed
have no faith in the Russian justice system.

And proof also that the European justice system does work.
Does it have jurisdiction over Israel-Palestine, I wonder???


In many ways, it is fair to call the Chechens "Europe's
Palestinians" and Russia is behaving just like Israel, with
the same brutal arrogance and complete disregard for
human life and international law.
And Europe reacts with the same timidity towards both
Russia and Israel, forever afraid of upsetting its "special
friends". Russia is admittedly the European energy-giant
for the foreseeable future, so it makes sense to have at least
a working relationship with the Arctic Bear, but that cannot
mean abandoning the principles that the new Europe is
built on. We have no right to abandon the Chechens to the
whims of a merciless and increasingly undemocratic Russia.


The situation with Israel is or course much simpler,
or should be, as Israel has nothing to offer that cannot
easily be obtained elsewhere from civilised countries,
in fact Israel needs the EU and needs it badly as currently
almost half of Israel's total external trade is with the EU so,
if the EU had the political will, it could easily exert real
pressure that Israel would have to take very seriously.

For mysterious reasons, that political will is simply and
sadly not there. But if enough of us get together, that will
could be "encouraged" within the EU!

Have you made use of my Petitions against Israel yet?
If not, please do it NOW by visiting


Participation is free so there are no excuses!!


Elsewhere in EUROPE:
FRANCE experienced further riots in the run-down
immigrant-quarters of the big cities.

The NETHERLANDS, in a piece of unequalled crude
electioneering, banned the burqa (full veiled dress).
Of the nation's 1,6 million Muslims, an estimated 100
women actually wear it, so obviously a huge problem
and a real threat to national cohesion and security -
you understand what I mean?

AUSTRIA released British historian David Irving,
serving a 3-year prison sentence for casting doubt
on the extent of the Jewish Holocaust.
I say it that way because there have been many other
holocausts, and more than one is happening right now,
most notably and tragically that of the Zionists against the
Palestinians, but the Jews want us to believe that the one
against them is the only one ever, or at least the only one
which matters, both of which are of course nonsense.

The POPE disgraced himself with his, to put it politely,
ill-chosen quote-selection for his major philosophical
speech in Regensburg, Germany, in September, he later
went to Turkey as planned, despite serious misgivings
resulting from his PR-disaster, was generally well received
and even went to pray with the local Imam in that glorious
beautiful Camii Sultan Ahmet ("Blue Mosque"), which was
seen as a wonderful gesture of respect, reconciliation and
solidarity (however, he had his hands the wrong way round,
doesn't anybody tell them these things, or was it a subtle

Towards the end of the year he received Israeli PM Ehud
Olmert in the Vatican and apparently gave him an official
letter exonerating the Jews of any responsibility for the
death of Jesus.
So re-writing basic Christian history is quite OK but we
risk going to prison if we wish to revise the Holocaust??
Same old story: nauseating hypocrisy!!

Although I preferred his predecessor, JP2, I still respect
and admire this Pope but freely admit that I like him a lot
less after this past year, mainly because of that quote,
which he must have selected and used on purpose and
for a reason.
For a man of such razor-sharp intellect and vast learning to
do something so crassly insensitive and at such a perilous
time in Western-Islamic relations, raises serious questions
about his integrity as a human being.
With all the other demonising of all things Muslim and
Islamic taking place, sadly it seems that the Vatican is
part of that conspiracy.


Elsewhere in the WORLD:
In SOUTH AMERICA, elections in several countries
confirmed the general swing to the Left, the re-election
of Hugo Chavez in oil-rich Venezuela was good news for
anti-Americans everywhere, and in that context his
close alliance with Iran is important.
Lula da Silva was re-elected in BRAZIL.
In NICARAGUA former Sandinista-leader Daniel
Ortega, who ruled the country from 1979-90 and then
lost the next 3 elections, made a come-back and will
become president in January.
In MEXICO the 50/50 result in the presidential election
has split the nation and that is surely not over yet.

NORTH KOREA continued to press on with its hotly
disputed missile and nuclear programme and reportedly
tested some kind of device - or did it?
Experts may not yet have agreed on what actually took
place last Summer. But the mere fact that NK is, and
very openly, defiantly, provocatively pursuing this, and
so far more or less unpunished, is yet another proof of
America's real agenda elsewhere in the world:
Imagine the reaction if NK were an Islamic state!

In SUDAN the tragedy in Darfur continues and it is
one conflict where a solution seems difficult to see,
and if seen, it would have to be implemented which
might be even more difficult.
But the eyes of the West will remain on Sudan, and
also on neighbouring CHAD, not for humanitarian
reasons but because they both have OIL!

And SOMALIA is on the slide back to where it was.
Having had no proper central government for 15 years
or so, and having been "ruled" by the various warlords
who are operating along clan loyalties, and with a totally
non-representative internationally-backed transitional
government wielding neither influence nor power holed
up in the provincial town Baidoa, it must have been a
relief to most in Somalia to see the emergence of the
Union of Islamic Courts, which, with their strict
interpretation of Islam, finally brought some law and
order, stability and security to the parts of Somalia
which they controlled - sadly using the past tense here
as at year-end it seems inevitable that the Ethiopian
army, helping its friends in Baidoa, and backed by the
West, will dislodge the UIC and drive them from power.
If that happens, surely the warlords will move straight
back in, returning the situation to the utter chaos it was.

Is it a coincidence that Somalia is an Islamic country?
Here, yet again, we see the long bloody fingers of the
Great Satan: any situation is OK and to be preferred,
from lackeys and stooges, posing as democratically
elected representatives, to brutal dictators, made-
to-measure and installed if not readily available, to
absolute chaos, mayhem and anarchy, anything goes,
absolutely anything, so long as it is not political Islam.
Is it not clear to all by now?


Until early November and the mid-term elections,
when the Democrats won control of both Houses,
it was business-as-usual for the
neo-Cons, neo-Colonialists, neo-Fascists, neo-Crusaders
in and around the White House:
The same nauseating drivel about America and its allies
making great sacrifices in a heroic effort, "the calling of
our generation", to save the world from radical-extremist-

As the year ran out, and the US death toll in Iraq reached
3,000, this was released by the White House:
"We will be fighting violent jihadists for the peace and
security of the civilised world for years to come. The brave
men and women of the US military are fighting extremists
in order to stop them from attacking on our soil again.
In the New Year, we will remain on the offensive against
the enemies of freedom, advance the security of our
country, and work toward a free and unified Iraq".

Selecting just one phrase from the above obscene
demagoguery: civilised world.
There the born-again Christian state-terrorist goes again!!
Study history you fool, if you can read:
The Islamic Empire, the Caliphate, the Khilafa-state, was
indisputably highly civilised and may well have been the
closest to perfection this world has yet seen.
Inshallah, may it soon return and you can experience
it for yourself!

There speaks the same man who, before first elected,
and remember: not elected properly that's for sure,
vowed to bring back the honour to the White House,
which Bill Clinton had dragged through the mud with
his sexual escapades!

If America ever recovers its standing in the world after
GWB and Co, it will take a generation or more -
and richly deserved, too!

Surely nobody believes one single word flowing from the
lips of this gang of consummate and compulsive liars!
The collective leadership of
always willing to do anything in order to satisfy
its insatiable greed!!


As for the Secretary of State, formerly National Security
Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, whenever she speaks, it is
difficult, very difficult, to believe that she is a professor
of political science from Stanford University.
Whatever she says, it is either worn-out, self-evident,
pompous pious platitudes or it is such obvious and
outrageous lies that you want to scream!
How people like that can live with themselves is a mystery,
but obviously they can, and are probably proud of what
they are doing too!

As an aside, did you know that her first name, Condoleezza,
is a proper musical expression, is Italian, and means that
the indicated section is to be played "with sweetness",
and we are told her mother knew very well what it meant
when she selected it.
We are entitled to ask: So what went wrong???

She is apparently an accomplished pianist: keep your
bloody fingers off Beethoven, he is too good for you!
Leave Beethoven for the Pope!


With the official US death toll from the brutal
mis-adventure in Iraq now totalling 3,000 (Hallelujah!)
and December now the deadliest month of this year,
at 112 (?) (Hallelujah!), and despite the "reality-check"
given this bunch of war-criminals by the electorate in early
November, GWB has still not personally admitted that the
whole thing has been a disaster, for Iraq and for America,
he is still hallucinating about achieving something, that
defeat is not an option, that "short-term" up to 30,000
more troops may be sent (if he can find them!),
that it is all worth-while in order to support the "young
democracy" which will be a model for others in the region
to follow (!!!), so that Iraq "will be able to defend itself"
(from America, one presumes and hopes!) and one which
"will be an ally in the War on Terror"
(no printable comments.....).

With such deranged and deluded persons in charge of
such a powerful nation, one wonders what is next and
fears for the planet.

What the rest of us have learnt, and a long time ago,
is that occupations NEVER work, whether in Palestine,
Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else, and even the militarily
most powerful and technically advanced nation in the world
CANNOT achieve its evil aims that way - al-hamdu-lillah!!

Listen to that great Indian writer Rabindranath Tagore:
"When ants grow wings, they perish".
Think about it.....

There are stark parallels between America's experiences
in Iraq and Israel's experiences in Lebanon last summer.
Intoxicated with the arrogance of power, and fooled by
their technical superiority, both these evil nations or, to be
fair to decent Americans and decent Israelis, these nations
led by small groups of evil people (so stop them, remove
them, you decent ones!) have, we hope, both realised the
hard bloody way that sheer military power has its own
limits of practical use, and despite the immense suffering
and destruction so needlessly caused, that, if the lesson
has truly been learnt, will be a good thing.
It is to be hoped that it just might be remembered
in high places, where decisions are made.


Those mid-term elections surely were the beginning
of the end for the whole neo-Con "Project for the New
American Century" - and the entire world will be a much
better and safer place for it!

As they say:
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck
and quacks like a duck, that is probably all because.....
because it is a duck - and the 43rd American president has
already, in between his habitual hallucinatory hollerings,
been heard quacking, because he is now, al-hamdu-lillah,
a lame-duck president until he leaves office in January 2009.

The first casualty of the election results was Defense
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, although GWB insisted
only days before that he would stay!

Next to go was US Ambassador to the UN, that well-known
thug John Bolton, who was never properly appointed via
Congress but "smuggled in through the back door" and who
stood no chance of being accepted by the Democrats.
We eagerly await, who will be next??


For the ridiculous and scandalous Indian nuclear deal,
now safely through both Houses and signed by GWB,
see INDIA elsewhere in this article.


America went through the 5th anniversary of the
11 September attacks, and according to polls, more than
40% of Americans now believe that their own government
was at least complicit in the whole ghastly thing.

Try to imagine what that must feel like:
to accept, through rational examination of the facts
available, that the government that you once trusted
(well, up to a point at least), the government which
5 years ago you believed told you the truth about what had
happened, and which you believed had correctly blamed
"foreign Islamic terrorists", and which therefore invaded
2 sovereign Muslim nations, Afghanistan and Iraq, with
your blessing, in order to pursue these evil perpetrators
and in order to make the world safer for you and your
children, these noble undertakings having now cost your
country around half a trillion dollars (?), 3,000 dead and
many thousands more physically and mentally maimed
for life -
you now reluctantly realise that those same people who
told you all this for so long were at least partially to blame
and quite likely arranged the whole thing themselves
(with a little, or a lot of, help from their Zionist masters).
For any decent patriotic American, it must be very painful,
and probably many will reluctantly choose, against their
better judgment, to continue to "live the big lie" because
that is easier.....

Alternatively, try impeachment, it really does work.


About the half trillion dollars mentioned above:
There are now 300 million Americans, so that would mean
this insane administration having by now spent around
16 million dollars for every American on the war in Iraq and
its wider so-called War on Terror - and Bush wants to spend
more (but the new Congress may not let him!) -
staggering, baffling, incredible, shocking, unreal, outlandish,
ermm..... (lost for words). Think about it:
16 million dollars for each American - and WASTED!!!

Wasted because America and Americans now undoubtedly
have many more enemies and therefore a lot less security.


On a favourite subject, the entire American political
establishment is so under the control of Jewish/Zionist
interests, that former Republican presidential candidate,
now newspaper columnist, right-winger Pat Buchanan,
once wrote in exasperation:
"Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory".

Last summer, during Israel's grotesquely savage destruction
of Lebanon and its friendly people, one motion, preventing
ANY American money from reaching Hamas, Hizbollah
or any other "enemies of Israel", went through Congress
410-0, yes, four-hundred-and-ten to ZERO.

Is America really a free nation??
It seems that, to enter politics at all in the US, you first
have to submit to a lethal injection of Zionist-virus.
Good Americans - please stop this INSANITY
and please stop it NOW!!


So one General Secretary is leaving and another is
arriving, and so what, what difference will it make?

America, true to form, made a mockery of the UN Security
Council and reduced the highest law-enforcing body in the
world to the status of an expensive and ostentatious
irrelevance, by always finding the most disingenous form
of words to somehow justify Israel's barbaric actions in
Gaza and Lebanon.
Good that the super-abrasive John Bolton is now gone,
there might be welcome changes in style but don't expect
any in substance: America exists only to serve Zionism.


A new Human Rights Council, created to replace the
discredited former one, was inaugurated during the year,
member states were elected and, predictably, neither Israel
nor America was seeking a seat, presumably knowing they
stood no chance of getting elected, as the whole world has
learnt the brutal way that human rights and Israel/America
are mutually exclusive.


There is much talk of reform of the UN, expansion of the
Security Council and so on, to reflect the world as it is now
and not as it was at the end of WW2, and that is all well and
good, and would certainly be both useful and reasonable,
but there is one reform which, if not implemented, will
render all other reforms meaningless window-dressing,
and that is of course:
abolish the right of Veto in the Security Council!

It could be so swiftly and easily done but of course it will
not happen - America, as ever obeying its Zionist masters,
would promptly Veto such a natural and decent move to
But without that vital change, the UN, as exemplified by
the SC, is terminally dysfunctional, or, in plain english,
a waste of time and money.

The overwhelming support for the resolutions supporting
the Palestinians, voted on by the GA 1st December, shows
precisely what the problem is: there is universal, almost
total, world-wide support for Palestine so what would
happen if the SC-Veto was abolished?
Democracy would swing into action, demanding that Israel,
finally, decades overdue, complies with international law -
with what? Shock-Horror!! With WHAT? International law?
And failing that compliance, face being removed from the
illegally occupied territories with massive military force,
just like the UN-SC authorised the eviction of Saddam
Hussein and his merry men from Kuwait -
can anyone think of one valid reason to treat Israel
any differently??

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