01 January 2007

DOT-Come Revolution

Yes, the Original One!

The following quote is from the May 2005 issue

of the English popular science magazine Focus:

A reader asks the simple question:

"Did everything come from a tiny dot?".

And the magazine replies:
"According to current cosmological theories,
whole Universe burst out of a tiny quantum region
around 100 billion billion times smaller than the
width of a proton, known as a "Planck Length".
Why this happened 14 billion years ago is

And please don't ask where the dot was:
It gave birth to the very fabric of space and time,

as well as all matter, so the question of "where"
simply has no meaning".

End of answer, end of quote.

Now, is this not remarkably similar to the

description of the creation in the scriptures,
like the opening of Genesis in the Bible:

"In the beginning......"?

Listen to the Quran:

"Are the disbelievers unaware that the heavens
and the earth were but one solid mass which
We tore asunder, and that We made every
living thing from water?
Will they not have faith?" (21:30).

Most scientists are always very quick to distance

themselves from religion or simply ridicule it but
surely the similarities here are so striking as to

rule out mere coincidence?
And so frequently we call something a

coincidence simply because we have failed
to see a connection somewhere.

The biggest difference that is immediately

obvious is that of time:
As I understand it, fundamentalist Christians

believe that the creation took place in 4004 BC,
and the Jews believe it took place in 5508 BC,

whereas, as far as I am aware, Muslims sensibly
do not put a figure on it.

1 comment:

Christian said...

The Genesis account does not suggest the heaven and earth was created from a dot.

It actually reiterates the Quranic text regarding water.

It's just that many have been confused by the Genesis account (chapter 1, verse 6+), complaining that it's too wordy and technical to understand the basic fact that yes, the earth's creation is the result of waters being separated.

So just for the record, the Bible does not assert that the earth's originated from an exploding dot, but a bi-product of water.

May GOD bless you.