10 January 2007

How to Waste 500 BILLION Dollars

The Bush administration has now spent around
half a trillion or 500 billion dollars on its so-called
War on Terror (or WOT? for short), around 300
billion alone on the disastrous war in Iraq.

There are now 300 million Americans, and the
simple maths are unbelievable but true:

It means that this insane administration has
by now spent around 1,000 dollars for every
single American on the war in Iraq and approx
1,700 in its wider WOT? - and Bush wants to
keep spending more but hopefully the new
Congress will not let him!

Think about it:
1,700 dollars for each American -
and WASTED!!!

Wasted because America and Americans now
undoubtedly have many more enemies worldwide
and therefore a lot less security.
Hallelujah, what an American success story!!!

Updated in response to a comment by a reader
who pointed out that my original maths were
seriously wrong. He was right, so herewith an
update with apologies.

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