01 January 2007

I Wonder.....

- how many new-born baby boys in the Muslim
world have, since 11 September 2001, been
named Osama?

- if you knew where Osama bin Laden was,
would you tell America and claim the
25 million USD?

- will the Palestinian victims of Israel's illegal
and barbaric occupation ever be given the same
attention and compensation as Jewish victims
of Nazi Germany?

- is it a coincidence that Israel rhymes with illegal?

- why it is that the Christians generally support
the Jews when, according to their scriptures,
their prophet Jesus was killed by the Jews?

- if the thoroughly despicable behaviour of the
biblical Jacob, who renamed becomes Israel,
in any way explains the matching behaviour
of Israel today?

- why it is that Britain, the former colonial
masters of America, then defeated and kicked out,
feels that it must always go along with whatever
America does, no matter how illegal or idiotic?

- is the Special Relationship between Britain and
America a psychological function of the rulers
having been defeated by the ruled?

- why there have been no child-prodigy poets
but several composers?

- is music essentially
intuitive / instinctive / emotional
and poetry essentially intellectual?

- is it a coincidence that Allah
(pronounced: Allahhh), which was the name
of the chief semitic deity in Arabia long before
Islam and was therefore naturally adopted by
Muslims as the word for the Creator, sounds like
a sigh, like breathing itself, the very essence
of (at least mammalian) life?

(to be continued, Inshallah...)

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