01 January 2007

If I Ruled the World

I would:

- disable and dismantle all nuclear weapons,
starting with those of America, then Israel,
then the rest.

- give Israel 90 days (feeling magnanimous)
to evacuate all its 400,000 or so settlers from
the illegally occupied territories including,
of course, East Jerusalem and Syria's Golan
Heights, leaving behind all buildings and other
infrastructure undamaged (but demolishing and
removing that outrageous wall!).
No help would be given and where they would
go would not interest me.
On expiry of the 90 days, anyone still there would
be removed by "massive military force" just like
Saddam Hussein was removed from Kuwait.
Any future uncivilised conduct by Israel would
result in the immediate dissolution of the state of
Israel, resurrection of Palestine in its old borders
and the introduction of "one person one vote".

- confine all American citizens to American soil,
to be reviewed after 25 years, pending civilised

- permanently close down Hollywood and MTV.

(to be continued, inshallah...)


Conspiracy Smasher said...

Fortunatly, fuckwads like you and your evil religion AREN'T in charge...

Anonymous said...

Confining all Amricans to American soil for a quarter-century is absolutely preposterous. This would simply render America an even more xenophobic nation by not allowing its citizens to shed their ignorance of other cultures by way of travel and interaction with others around the globe. How would this blatant tactic of oppression—in principle—be any different than Israel's quarantining of Palestinians?