23 January 2007

Iraq: 24 US Troops Die in 24 Hours

Well, what a week-end: When the counting was
done, America had lost, it seemed, 24 maybe
25 servicemen in one day or one week-end,
depending on which reports you read, 13 of
those in a helicopter crash which may yet turn
out to be due to hostile fire.
Whilst wishing nobody dead, well, with the usual
handful of exceptions of course, this is actually
good news both for Iraq, which has every right
to evict or kill the occupation forces, and for
America, could its leaders with their radical,
extremist, evil ideology only see it, because
it just might speed up the day when sensible
Americans, and they do exist, shout enough
is more than enough and demand a quick
exit from this insanity.

There is also the simple question of how long
America can afford to sustain this level of brutal
interference and meddling in the rest of the world.
Having already wasted more than 500 billion
dollars on this madness, there must be a limit,
probably not to the madness but certainly to
the money!

The real question to ask here, though, is not the
cost to America in terms of money and lives but
the cost to Iraq and Afghanistan, two sovereign
Muslim countries which were no threats to the
US, now shattered and set back a decade at
least and all thanks to the Great Satan.

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