25 January 2007

Lebanon: Oil Spill, Cluster Bombs etc

A report by the UN Environment Programme
(UNEP) on the effects of Israel's grotesquely
savage attack on Lebanon last Summer says:

-The huge oil spill created during the conflict has
largely been contained,
-Many bombed sites contain hazardous materials,
-The team found no evidence that weapons using
depleted uranium were deployed, suggested by
a number of reports,
-The team did confirm that Israel used white
-Other significant threats to health and the
environment remain, including pollution of water
supplies and unexploded ordnance.

Of the oil-spill, caused when Israel bombed the
Jiyyeh oil-fired power station, releasing about
15,000 tonnes of oil, UNEP director Achim Steiner
"The marine environment appears to have largely
escaped serious long-term damage linked with
the oil spill. I can only praise the international
emergency response effort for moving as quickly
as the difficult circumstances permitted at the

The team also says it found unexploded cluster
bombs "throughout its survey" of southern
Lebanon and it believes there may be a million
bomblets left across the region.
Remember, these were dropped during the last
72 hours of the conflict, when everyone knew a
cease-fire agreement was imminent, causing the
UNs Jan Egeland to describe it as "completely
immoral". Another act of pure evil by Israel.
If not found and removed or detonated, they
will lie there for years, like land-mines, waiting
for children to be tempted to play with them,
or for animals etc to step on them.

The confirmed use of white phosporous by
Israeli forces is very interesting and significant.
Phosphorus weapons cause chemical burns, and
human rights groups believe they should be
treated as chemical weapons (i.e. outlawed).
The Geneva Conventions ban their use against
civilian populations, but Israel maintains the
weapons were used only to mark targets.
Remember the Americans in Fallujah??
Same old story:
America and Israel are always perfect and
the rest of the world is always wrong!
But it is high time the rest of the world call those
2 nations what they indisputably are:
Terrorist states and barbarians!

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