01 January 2007

Moses in Denmark

(First posted early 2006)

Yes really!
At the height of the cartoon-controversy, during

an anti-immigration anti-Muslim demonstration
in Denmark's 3rd city Odense, in support of that
now famous/notorious newspaper JyllandsPosten
and its right to publish and the general right to
free speech, a local evangelist preacher by the
name of Moses Hansen, in between shouts of
"Hallelujah!", declared, and I quote, that:
"Allah is a demon and a bloodthirsty god".

So there, now we all know!

What absolute rubbish!

If this and many other idiots would only get
their facts right maybe we could disagree but
still respect each other. As I say elsewhere,
if one cares to read the Quran just once,
it becomes obvious that the god of the Jews,
Yahweh, and the god of the Christians, God,
and the god of the Muslims, Allah,
is one and the same deity.
If you don't believe what I say, go and read the
Quran yourself, my English translation is only
435 pages long so no excuse really and it will
do you good anyway.

Oh yes, the demonstration attracted nearly

25 persons, they were outnumbered about
3 to 1 by the police. The demonstrators were
all waving Danish flags, nothing wrong with that
in itself, but, come to think of it, I know of no
other nation that is so in love with its flag as
Denmark, with the possible exception of America.

So, if Muslims want to hurt the Danes, get some

more of those red and white Dannebrog flags -
and burn them!

One lady was also waving the Israeli flag -

no comment.

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