11 February 2007

Angela Merkel, Iran and the Real World

At the Security Conference in Munich, the
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that
"the international community is determined to
prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
Tehran needs to accept demands made by the
UN and the International Atomic Energy Agency.
What we are talking about here is a very, very
sensitive technology, and for that reason we
need a high degree of transparency, which Iran
has failed to provide, and if Iran does not do so
then the alternative for Iran is to slip further
into isolation".

Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani, also at
the conference, repeating Iran's position that
it wants nuclear power, not nuclear weapons,
said: "We believe the Iranian nuclear dossier
is resolvable by negotiation".
And in a reasonable and civilised world that
would of course be true but that is not where
we find ourselves.

Yet again, as a citizen of the European Union
of which Ms Merkel currently is the unofficial
president, I am embarrassed and ashamed.

1. Firstly and for the nth time, Iran, as a
signatory to the NPT, has an inalienable right
to pursue nuclear technology.
Compare this with non-NPT nuclear weapons
states Pakistan, India and Israel - what is she
talking about and who is she talking to?

2. There is, as I understand it, not a scrap of
evidence to suggest that Iran is trying to develop
nuclear weapons or even that it wants to.
Again, compare with Pakistan, India and Israel!!!

3. About a year ago, Iran's supreme leader
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei sent a fatwa to the IAEA
stating explicitly that the Islamic Republic of Iran
is not and has no intention of seeking nuclear
weapons. Should we believe him?
I believe we should, for the simple reason that,
ultimately, he is not accountable to a fickle
electorate like mere politicians but to his Creator.
Laugh if you must.

4. Last Summer, during Israel's grotesquely
savage destruction of Lebanon, Germany, and
that means Ms Merkel, authorised the sale of 3
nuclear-capable submarines to Israel, subsidised
by one third, that is, one of the 3 was free, a gift
from the German tax-payers.
Incredibly, Germany did not obtain any guarantee
from Israel that they would not be used to carry
nuclear warheads, at a stroke ripping up the long-
standing very strict non-proliferation regime that
Germany has adhered to. Why oh why?
A few murmurs of protests in parliament, apart
from that nothing, no major rallies, no mass
demonstrations. Why oh why?

What does Israel need submarines for anyway?
There can only be one answer: To be able to
directly threaten Middle East countries from the
water, specifically Iran from the Gulf.
So Germany is openly stoking the fires on the one
side and telling Iran it cannot and must not be
allowed to pursue peaceful technology.
Excuse me, the lady is insane and should
be impeached immediately!
In the circumstances, it would be perfectly
reasonable if Iran wanted nuclear weapons, given
the state-terrorism of America in Afghanistan and
Iraq, Iran's direct neighbours to the East and
West respectively, plus the nuclear weapons
of that ultimate rogue state Israel.

5. Would Ms Merkel, and everyone else for
that matter please take the time to read the
text of the NPT.
That would make it clear to her that not only
is it the right of non-nuclear NPT countries to
pursue the technology, but Articles 4 and 5
of the treaty obliges the nations already in
possession of the technology to make it
available to NPT nations wishing to have it!!
This is obviously to prevent the unacceptable
situation of "nuclear apartheid" and the Iranian
president is quite right to point out precisely this
point again and again.

6. Whilst realising that Germany itself is not a
nuclear weapons state, will Ms Merkel please give
the world a guarantee that America is no longer
storing even one single nuclear warhead on
German soil. If she cannot give such a guarantee
she should keep her mouth shut!

7. The NPT (Art.6) also has a solemn undertaking
from the nuclear weapons states that they will
enter into meaningful negotiations in good faith,
the goal being, over time, to phase out ALL their
own nuclear weapons, but that is typically and
hypocritically "forgotten" these days.
Seeing that Ms Merkel appears to have a personal
love-affair with the Monster himself, GW Bush,
will she please phone him every day to remind
him of this promise?

Seems we have to boycott Made in Germany, too -
is there anyone decent out there left to buy
anything from???

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