23 February 2007

Says It All Doesn't It??

This one caps it all:
In a new blow for Israel's defence minister
Amir Peretz, already deeply unpopular since the
"invincible" Israeli army's dismal performance in
last summer's war against Hizbollah in Lebanon,
he has been photographed observing military
manouvres in the (illegally occupied) Golan
Heights with the army's new chief of staff Gen
Gabi Ashkenazi, and whilst there may be nothing
unusual in that, Peretz was using his binoculars
with the lens caps still on.....
According to the photographer, Amir Peretz
"looked through the capped binoculars three
times, nodding as Gen Ashkenazi explained
what was in view".
To be fair to him, it is a very human mistake
to make but how can he nod repeatedly in
understanding whilst seeing nothing??

But, as one Israeli newspaper pointed out, he is
not the first well-known politician to make this
mistake: US president GW Bush and former
Israeli PM Ariel Sharon have both done it, too.

With Sharon it is perhaps surprising as he was
a soldier and therefore a practical man and surely
used to handling binoculars -
with Bush, well, what do you expect?

Possibly Hizbollah and Hamas will take heart
from this little episode!

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