13 September 2007

MYSPEAK at GPU-London in November

Ibraheem will attend the
Global Peace and Unity Event 2007
at ExCel in London on 24/25 November which
last year attracted 50,000 people over the
two days.

A stand has been booked in order to promote
MYSPEAK in general and the poems in particular.

Signed collections of Ibraheem's poems will be
offered in print and hopefully also on CD.

Doing this event is not exactly cheap but it
has to be done and Ibraheem would be very
grateful for any DONATIONS in order to
hopefully break even. This is a one-man
effort and every little bit helps!

Speaking-time on main stage for reading a
poem is being pursued.

Do visit the official website for the GPU2007

Check back here regularly for updates over
the coming weeks.

Latest - Sunday 18 Nov:
All set, flying over tomorrow with 300 CDs,
printing to be done in London.
Stage time still a possibility.
Hope to see you there next Saturday/Sunday -
my stand is G-75 - www.MYSPEAK.info

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