29 December 2009

Welcome to Viking-Muslim!

(This is the archive for my weekly weblog on IOL)

First of all, my thanks to IslamOnline.net (IOL)'s Euro-Muslims Zone for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts with IOL audiences -
not only here in Europe but across the wider Muslim world.

Some of you may know me already -
from my website www.MYSPEAK.info
or maybe from the Global Peace and Unity (GPU) event in London where I had my own stand.


Why Viking Muslim?
Because it fits in neatly with the overall Euro-Muslim context and places me not only in Europe but in North-West Europe and specifically in Scandinavia as my Viking forefathers were the men and women from Denmark, Sweden and Norway around 1000 years ago.


A practical note:
I shall add the posts here in the archive some
time after submitting them to IOL.
I shall add all the posts to the archive exactly as
I submitted them, that is, they will not reflect
any changes IOL may have made, likewise IOL
may occasionally decide not to publish a
particular post - but it will still appear here
on the archive.

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