05 September 2008

Which way do I integrate?

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As a fairly recent convert/revert to Islam (and you can read about that in my
poem "My Journey to Islam", no 032 on Poems Index on my website)
I am of course learning more about all things Islamic.
Probably the biggest practical question is this: Which way do I integrate?
In a country like Denmark, where relations between "locals" and "foreigners"
seem to get worse by the month, simply by becoming a Muslim I have
distanced myself from mainstream Denmark, in a way willingly segregating
myself from national norms.
I still wear Western clothes (simple and comfortable and all from natural fibres,
and nothing trendy or fashionable please!) but I have a feeling that might change.
As I am no longer working, in the ordinary sense of the word, I am free of those
"what do I wear" considerations and restrictions.
I have had a full beard ever since it would grow (for a defence of beards read
poem no 048 on Poems Index, "Grow Your Own"), when I was 19 or so, but it
is bigger and wilder now since becoming a Muslim.

Were I a female convert/revert I would certainly wear the headscarf/hijab as
there are two clear exhortations in the Quran for women to cover (24:31 and
33:59) although, as I understand it, the exact degree of cover can be, and
has been, argued by the scholars and there may be no uniform opinion or

I have a suspicion that many sisters and brothers here in Denmark do not
wear the hijab or do not grow beards simply in an effort to "blend in" more
easily or to be openly seen to make an extra effort to "fit in" and that is
perfectly understandable given the current situation.
But, if true, it is also sad because in a free and open society, which Denmark
still claims to be, there should be no such problems and no such needs,
and in law of course there aren't any problems, as para 70 in the Danish
constitution specifically guarantees equal rights (and duties of course!)
for all regardless of faith or race.
Easy to legislate - much harder to implement!

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