24 November 2008

Courtesy Costs Nothing

Post No 9

Courtesy costs nothing - just a little effort!
I used to contribute regularly to various on-line discussion fora on
Danish websites. Should you wish to join in, a word of caution:
If you voice any support at all for the Palestinian cause
or attempt to explain a little of the background for this ongoing tragedy,
or you admit to being a local convert to Islam, type in your message,
hit "Enter" and just sit back and wait for 5 minutes.
Then the replies come in, not replies really but streams of abuse and
verbal brutalisations, using the most foul language imaginable of which
expressions like "Go to Hell you bloody Islamo-fascist" is mild enough
to permit quoting here.

Occasionally I would reply sweetly that "A little courtesy costs nothing
and what are you trying to tell me?" - and they would come back in an
even more vulgar manner. What is the matter with these people?

For the future of Denmark and the wider world one can only hope that
it is the same very small group of people which is behind those replies,
perhaps using multiple identities each.
I am sure they are not jokers but are serious and
really mean what they write.
The bad news is that, whoever they are, heated debate is one thing,
this is something quite different. What happened to civility??
And most tragic of all, the views they give voice to are just as
fundamentalist, extremist, intolerant, totalitarian etc as those of
the individuals and groups they hate so much!

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