30 November 2006

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18 November 2006:

Palestinian Unity Government.
As the Palestinians, painfully slowly, are attempting to cobble together some semblance of a "unity
government" in order not to be starved to death by the "civilized world", the war-criminals and
mass-murderers in Washington, London and Tel-Aviv must be rubbing their hands with evil glee
and sending each other encouraging messages on secret hot-lines.
Enforced "unity" never works, or not for long, the most horrible and obvious recent example is Iraq,
where it took nearly 6 months after so-called "free and fair democratic elections" to reach, excuse
me, agreement. This was hailed at the time by Western leaders as a wonderful achievement and
vindication of their illegal and brutal war of aggression on an innocent nation, whereas anyone not
completely lost in the Bush-Blair hallucinations could clearly see that it was a marriage made in Hell
and divorce proceedings could be expected at any moment, and judging by the news, those divorce
papers have just about been filed.

Last January, Hamas won the elections, accepted as free and fair, handsomely, with an absolute
majority from a massively high turnout - precisely the kind of positive, decisive result you would
imagine the West would applaud. Only here, in the perverse view of the West, the wrong party
won. Echoes of Algeria 1991.....

Can anyone tell me why that fine and principled man, Ismail Haniya, must step down as PM just
because some nations in the world do not like him and his party? When he has gracefully
surrendered his post for the immediate common good of his people, no doubt the West and Israel
will note that as a major victory - and how wrong can you be.

The West, sadly including the EU, has behaved disgracefully and should stop lecturing the world
about freedom, democracy, human rights and being civilized, for there has been none of the above
in its reaction to the Hamas victory, all it has done is to slavishly follow the dictates of Israel and the
Zionist lobbies.

Why on earth has the Quartet insisted that Hamas must recognize Israel, must renounce the use of
violence, and must accept past agreements signed by the PA??

Has Israel recognized Palestine???

Israel is using barbaric and totally disproportionate levels of violence against the Palestinians and
we are brainwashed about Israel's "right to self-defence".
Have the Palestinians got a right to self-defence???

As regards accepting past agreements:
Generally speaking, why hold elections at all if any resulting new government is bound to continue
as before, bound to honour the agreements of its predecessors???
In this case, no self-respecting Palestinian government could possibly accept the Road-Map
because it was fatally flawed and weighted against the Palestinians from day one, then
substantially re-drawn and most reluctantly signed, with a long list of serious reservations which in
effect re-writes it again, by that well-known war-criminal Ariel Sharon (grotesquely called "a man of
peace" by GW Bush - well, it takes one to know one, as they say!), and then signed by Mahmoud
Abbas. Now, he may well be a nice old man but that is not what the Palestinians need - they need
straight-talking, hard-working, honest, decent, courageous, principled, uncompromising leaders
with a real vision, and that is precisely what they got when they elected Hamas, personified in
Ismail Haniya.

When he steps down as PM, to make way for a team of technocrats acceptable to the West, it will
be a sad day for him, for Hamas, for all lovers of freedom and democracy but he will have shown,
by his pragmatism, that he is a far greater person than the war-criminals and vermin in Washington,
London, Tel-Aviv and quite a few other places.
He may go now but he is young and may return.....

Ismail Haniya for President! Long live Hamas!! and Hizbollah!! Free Palestine!!!


Latest US Veto in UN-SC.
About a week ago the US yet again vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel,
this time for the massacre in Beit Hanoun in which 19 people died, many of them women and
children killed in their sleep when a volley of tank shells "missed" its intended target - "rocket
launchers in an orange grove".
Israel said the incident was "a tragic mistake" caused by a "technical malfunction".
Ten of 15 Security Council members backed the resolution. Four abstained - Denmark, Japan,
Slovakia and the UK. On what grounds please???
How many times has Israel tried to explain away its state-terrorism and barbarity with such pathetic
and unbelievable statements?
Remember the incident last summer when an entire family, except young daughter Huda, was
wiped out in an instant by a shell on a Gaza beach?
Israel denied that it had anything to do with it and blamed the Palestinians themselves.

How many times has America vetoed resolutions against Israel, thereby insulating Israel from
international law and international wrath? This insanity must stop!!!
The single biggest improvement that could be made to the UN, and it could be done so swiftly and
easily, would be to abolish that right of veto, but of course it will not happen: America, as ever
obeying its Jewish / Zionist masters, would promptly veto such a logical and decent move to

This time, US Ambassador John Bolton called the text "unbalanced and politically motivated" and
said in his untenable defence that: "This resolution does not display an even-handed
characterisation of the recent events in Gaza, nor does it advance the cause of Israeli-Palestinian
peace to which we aspire and for which we are working assiduously" - yes, that is what he said
although it is difficult to believe your ears. America is doing absolutely nothing to advance any
solution to the most tragic and serious political problem in the world whilst the Israelis are busy
building more and more illegal 'facts on the ground', making a viable two-state solution a physical
impossibility. Bolton also said that Israel's incursions into Gaza were "military operations, which are
legal" and said Palestinian rockets fired into Israel was "terrorism". This blind protection of Israel
proves, yet again, that America has no positive role to play in the ME, none whatsoever.

Israel is forever screaming and squealing about the Iranian presidents perceived threats to "wipe
Israel off the map" at some unspecified time in the future (incidentally, as I understand it, the
closest approximate translation of what he actually said, amounts to: "Israel should be cleared from
the scene" which, I hope we agree, is substantially different) whilst Israel itself has already all but
wiped Palestine off the map, which always was the Zionist intention, if you take the time to read a
bit of history.

07 November 2006:

Will I ever catch up on the news?:

This is the article I read just after the London Bombings 7.7.2005 and referred to in
an earlier article but was unable to find on the various news websites -
I found it again and here it is:

"Confusion over London bomb drill.
A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running a drill
exercise for an unnamed company which revolved around the London Underground
being bombed at the exact same times and locations as was happening in real life on
July 7th, BBC Radio 5 has revealed.
In a BBC Radio 5 interview which was aired on that very evening, July 7th, the host
interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, a firm which labels
itself as a 'crisis management' advice company, also known as a PR firm.
Visor's managing director told the radio show's host that at the exact same time as the
London bombings were taking place, his company was running a 1,000 person strong
exercise drill in which the London Underground was being bombed at the exact same
locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life.

The transcript is as follows:

POWER: At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a
company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off
precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs
on the back of my neck standing up right now.

HOST: To get this quite straight, you were running an exercise to see how you would
cope with this and it happened while you were running the exercise?

POWER: Precisely, and it was about half past nine this morning, we planned this for a
company and for obvious reasons I don't want to reveal their name but they're listening
and they'll know it. And we had a room full of crisis managers for the first time they'd met
and so within five minutes we made a pretty rapid decision that this is the real one and
so we went through the correct drills of activating crisis management procedures to jump
from slow time to quick time thinking and so on.

According to Power the drill focused around 'simultaneous bombings'.
At first the bombings were thought to have been spread over an hour, but that was later
confirmed by police as being wrong and that in fact the bombings were only seconds
apart, therefore simultaneous".

End of article.

You should be able to find audio clips of this conversation on http://www.prisonplanet.com

Now, this is quite sensational and we are entitled to ask why there are not millions of
people still camping out in Trafalgar Square demanding to know the truth.

The background similarities with the attacks in New York, where -we are asked to
believe- 4 large commercial aircraft going walk-about in American airspace for over an
hour went undetected because they were "lost in the crowd" due to massive airforce
war games taking place simultaneously, are just too close to be ignored or explained
away as a coincidence, much more it looks like a small-scale copy version of what took
place in America.

Also, don't forget that Israeli ex-PM Netanyahu, in London for a conference, was warned
minutes before the bombs went off not to leave his hotel (or hotel room) at King's Cross,
the site of one of the blasts.

Add to this that:
-in one of the train carriages the hole made by the bomb in the floor was, according to
one eye-witness who had to step over it, ripped upwards, that is, the blast came from the
outside, from below, which means that the bomb was either placed on the track or, much
more likely, fixed to the undercarriage of the train,
-the bus which was targeted had been in the repair facility during the days leading up to
the 7th, leaving it wide open to be tampered with (read: fixing explosives),
-people who have studied the timetables and the actual run-times of the trains on that day,
have concluded that it is simply not possible for the bombers to have been in place in
central London at the "proper" time if we accept their starting time in Luton as given by the
police on the basis of CCTV footage.

So what are we to make of the whole thing??
As with the attacks in America, the moment you start to examine it critically and rationally,
it seems to fall apart and reveal all kinds of horrible indications that both events were
planned and masterminded either by the respective governments themselves, by sections
of those governments, or by "secret" groupings manipulating and/or dictating to the visible
public government - and it is almost irrelevant which of those 3 possibilities applies, they
are all terrifying, hideous and, of course, totally unacceptable.

The purpose of those attacks? Well, at least that is easy to answer: to discredit Islam
and to cause fear in the general population so as to make it more easily manipulated for
the grander plans for the future.

Was Netanyahu, who seemed genuinely pleased about the attacks in America which he
said would bring the US and Israel closer together, maybe in London to co-ordinate the
whole ghastly plan??!!??
Only fools would rule anything out.....

I have said it before: in terms of mass-deception and pure evil, both Hitler and Stalin
would be proud.


In Harms' way:
Remember a few weeks ago, the German Opera cancelled planned performances of
Mozart's 'Idomeneo', for fear of Muslim anger, as one of the scenes, an "update" introduced
by opera director Kirsten Harms and NOT part of Mozart's original, was to show the severed
heads of Muhammad (pbuh), Jesus Christ and Buddha, as the director's personal protest at
organized religion. This version of the opera, by the way, was first staged in Berlin in 2003
and although there was criticism, it was local and small-scale.
In complete contrast to Chancellor Angela Merkel and many other "leading lights" in Germany,
I thought this display of responsible self-censorship was most welcome, if long overdue, and
finally some civilized news for Europe and beyond.

But that was all a few weeks ago:
The opera company has now been reassured by the police that the fears of reprisals were
"exaggerated" at the time, so now the company plans to carry out the performances some
time before Christmas.

This is folly of the highest order and lends credibility to those who are convinced that a
masterplanned 21st century Crusade against Islam is being unfolded step by step -
increasingly, you would have to be deaf and dumb not to support that view.

Why not be pragmatic here and simply drop those scenes? They have nothing to do with
the original work anyway, and has anyone asked Mozart's opinion??
Mozart was a wonderful genius and the least we can do is to perform his works as he intended
them to be heard, to the best of our abilities, and the rest of us should just listen.
If you had written a major work, would you like others to tamper with it, make their own
additions here and there, in order to "bring it up to date" or "make a contemporary political
statement" or for whatever other pathetic personal reason?
If the director of the German Opera Company does not like organized religion, that is her
problem - why does she not write an opera about that subject herself, or just one song,
if she can, instead of hi-jacking and violating the established work of an old master?
Shame on her!!

As an aside, any civilized society which wishes to remain civilized would not tolerate such
hideous scenes anyway, be it on stage, in films, in writing or whatever medium. In this
respect, as in many others, the collective West could learn SO much from the Islamic world.

We hear already that pathetic choir of voices: Freedom of speech.
Excuse me? Did you say freedom of speech? In several member states of the European
Union it is a criminal offence, which can land you in prison for up to 3 years, to deny that
the Holocaust took place or even cast serious doubt on the actual extent of it, thus outlawing
in advance any future revisions should new evidence come to light.

As I said, the German Opera plans to stage these performances before the end of the year:
Merry Christmas everybody!
My prediction?? That the uproar will be far greater than those caused by those dreadful
drawings and by the Pope's ill-considered quote-selection.

PS: Do Christians object to this scene, and if not, can they be considered devoted
followers of Christ? If I were one, which I never was and never will be, I would be deeply
offended and feel the need to take some kind of action.


London or Barcelona anyone?
Further evidence of the unbelievably high level of European Civilization appeared a few
days ago in a free newspaper in Denmark:
Danish women can get free abortion-on-demand until the 12th week of pregnancy.
Between 12 and 24 weeks you must consult your doctor or specialist and if the reasons
are deemed valid enough, the abortion is authorized. In 2005, 729 women sought such
an abortion and only 63 were refused.
Danish law states that an abortion may only be carried out after 24 weeks if the foetus
has "really serious defects and its life will be one of extreme suffering", which, given our
amazing technology, is not too difficult to determine in advance.

So what to do if you are a woman carrying a healthy but unwanted foetus between
12 and 24 weeks??

Hop on a plane to England: here it is perfectly legal to get an induced abortion up to
the 24th week, or almost 6th month. Job done. Wonderful.

And if the healthy foetus you carry is more than 24 weeks? Ningun problema! (No problem!)
Hop on a plane to Spain, visit trendy Barcelona, visit the trendy abortion specialist who
will be happy to terminate your healthy baby all the way up to 32 weeks, or 7.5 months,
(one presumes for a handsome fee), you do some trendy shopping, visit the trendy discos
and beaches, have a last trendy cafe-con-leche and fly home. Job done. Wonderful.
Whether this doctor operates within Spanish law, I don't know, but given Spain's socialist
government, nothing should surprise us. If his activities are common knowledge they are
probably legal. (OK I see the flaw in that last argument: we all know what Bush-Blair-and-
Rasmussen are doing but that does not make any of it legal!).

As any expert in the field will tell you, a foetus at around 24 weeks is "fully developed but
not matured", that is, all organs and functions are present, and with today's technology
around 40% of babies born prematurely around week 24 will survive without any lasting
deficiencies or damage whatsoever, that is, they will become perfectly normal healthy

So, western nations are with open eyes sacrificing healthy babies on the altar of a woman's
right to choose. Wonderful.

Even that pathetic right-to-choose argument falls flat on its stupid face after a few seconds
rational consideration - why?? Statistically, about half of all abortions must be females -
what about THEIR right to choose? No no, not just their right to choose whether to have
their own babies in the future, but their right to choose life right now??

Whilst not being a woman, so possibly biased in some biological way, I do wonder why so
many western women resort to abortion, and in particular late ones, these days.
Contraception is universally available, may not be free everywhere but certainly affordable.
In recorded history it has never been easier to avoid a pregnancy, so why so many abortions?

As I see it, abortion has nothing to do with "empowering" or "liberating" women, it is yet
another expression of the general selfishness of western society, and that long slow march
which I believe started sometime shortly after WW2, which you could call the Lowest-Common-
Denominator Syndrome.
And a result of, maybe a direct function of, the "rock-n-roll" generation, do what you want
(that dreadful Nike slogan: Just do it!), to hell with all authority, especially that of your parents
and that of religion.
I get no pleasure from saying this but in most respects it seems to me that the collective West
is morally bankrupt and spiritually brain-dead.....

And yet these are the "common values", the "community of values", that "the civilized world"
is forever trumpeting and attempting to force upon the rest of the world, including and most
obviously, and most painfully, the Islamic world. And it will never succeed!!!


This item carries on perfectly from the previous one:
Last Thursday Copenhagen's Town Hall Square was taken over by the 'MTV Europe Music
Awards'. No I did not go there. No I did not watch it at home either. I find all this slick and
perfectly choreographed and executed nonsense offensive, obscene, moronic, and deeply
damaging to a civilized society, and whilst some of the actual music may be interesting or
clever, the vocals are universally excruciatingly unbearable, and the so-called lyrics, if you
can actually make out the words, express all of the above, the performers seem either to
be drug-taking and/or alcoholic homosexual "males" or indescribably sleazy bi-sexual
horrid plastic whores.

There are people who actually like listening to this.
There are people who actually like watching this.
There are people who actually spend their own money on this.

Bring back the Taliban - but don't strangle the birds.....


And there is more:
American rock group Slayer's latest album, 'Christ Illusion', has been withdrawn from sale
in India after religious groups complained about its cover depicting a mutilated Christ.

Joseph Dias, of Mumbai's Catholic Secular Forum, said the album was "offensive and in
very bad taste". It was claimed that songs on the album, including Skeleton Christ and
Jihad, offend both Muslims and Christians.

The album cover depicts Christ with partially amputated limbs and a missing eye, set in
a landscape littered with severed heads.
A censored version of the album cover has been produced, which shields the majority of
the Christ-like figure with Slayer's logo.

EMI India said it withdrew the albums and destroyed them so no community would be
offended by the material, adding that it had no plans to re-release the record in India.

To me, this is very heartening news of civilized behaviour - may it spread like wildfire!
Note to non-Muslim readers: Jesus (Isa in Arabic) is revered in Islam as one of the major
prophets - did you know that?


Not Hollywood but Tehran:
I know there are more important things to write about but listen to this:
Apparently there are now about 3,000 plastic surgeons practising in the capital of the Islamic
Republic of Iran, Tehran, and a new nose-look is the favourite operation but at $3,000 only
the rich can afford it, nevertheless one leading surgeon says he has performed 30,000 such
operations in his time!!

Any such alteration of yourself is of course totally un-Islamic but apart from that it is just sad.
If they were good Muslims they would give that money to the local poor, to the Palestinians,
or at the very least do something sensible for themselves or their families with it.
But vanity is universal. Characteristically, the wealthier they are, the more "secularized"
they seem to be, and that means adopting the materialistic western lifestyle and (excuse me)
values, of superficial looks and appearances, of style instead of substance, of instant
gratification for your ego.


Beat this for nauseating hypocrisy:
On the subject of Guantanamo Bay, UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said during
a recent speech on human rights:
"As the prime minister has said, we believe that the camp should close.
The continuing detention without fair trial of prisoners is unacceptable in terms of human
rights, but it is also ineffective in terms of counter-terrorism. It is widely argued now that
the existence of the camp is as much a radicalising and destabilising influence as it is a
safeguard to security".

Human rights groups have criticised the camp heavily since it opened "for business" in 2002.
United Nations human rights investigators have called for the camp's closure and the UK
Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer, has called it a "shocking affront to democracy" whilst UK
PM Tony Blair has called it an "anomaly".

The US has said it is a matter of security and military necessity in the "war on terror" and
claims inmates are treated humanely.
Some 450 terror suspects are believed to be currently detained at the camp in Cuba.

Why the nauseating hypocrisy?
Because the United Kingdom is doing exactly the same!!


Russia ordered to pay Chechen family:
In that almost forgotten European tragedy -Chechenya- Russian troops are accused of
widespread and very serious human rights violations.

A European court has now ordered Russia to pay 277,000 Euros in compensation to
relatives of a Chechen family shot dead by Russian troops.
Human rights groups say they were innocent civilians executed by a paramilitary police unit
and the court found Russia guilty of violating the European Convention on Human Rights.
It said five members of the Estamirov family (found shot dead outside their home in the
Chechen capital, Grozny, in February 2000, at the height of the second Chechen war) had
been the victims of unlawful killing by the Russian state.
Amongst the dead were a baby and a heavily pregnant woman.

The court in Strasbourg, France, said there had been inexplicable delays in the investigation
by the Russian authorities, after six years it had failed to produce any results and no-one had
been charged.
According to a report by Human Rights Watch 60 civilians were allegedly killed in the same
part of Grozny on the same day by the same Russian police unit.

The European court is due to consider another case connected to this incident.
An increasing number of cases alleging gross human rights violations by Russian security
forces in Chechnya are being brought before the court in Strasbourg - abundant proof that
relatives of those killed have no faith in the Russian justice system.

In many ways, it is fair to call the Chechens "Europe's Palestinians" and Russia is behaving
just like Israel, with the same brutal arrogance and complete disregard for human life and
international law. And Europe reacts with the same timidity towards both Russia and Israel,
forever afraid of upsetting their "special friends".
Russia is admittedly the European energy-giant for the foreseeable future, so it makes sense
to have at least a working relationship with the Arctic Bear, but that cannot mean abandoning
the principles that the new Europe is built on. We have no right to abandon the Chechens
to the whims of a merciless and increasingly undemocratic Russia.

The situation with Israel is of course much simpler, or should be, as Israel has nothing that
cannot be easily obtained elsewhere from civilized countries, in fact, Israel needs the EU
and needs it badly as currently almost half of Israel's total external trade is with the EU, so,
if the EU had the political will, it could exert real pressure that Israel would have to take
very seriously. For mysterious reasons, that political will is simply and sadly not there.

But if enough of us get together, that will could be "encouraged" within the EU:

Have you made use of my Petitions against Israel yet??
If not, please do it NOW click here participating is free, so no excuses!

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