02 December 2006

GW Bush Re-Elected

(Written 21 November 2004)

Below are 4 sincere expressions of my dismay
at the news of 4 more years of GWB.

Pick your choice:

1. For God's sake Americans,
what have you done?

2. Can the world stand 4 more years of GWB?
In the absence of the Soviet Union, the Americans
are busy re-engineering the world in their Soviet-
style brutally arrogant way to suit their own
narrow interests and, of course, those of their
Jewish masters.
Yes GWB, there is indeed an Axis of Evil in
this world and it must be obvious to everyone
that it runs betweenTel Aviv and Washington.

3. Like Ariel Sharon before him, incredibly,
GWB was also reelected! If I ruled the world,
they would both be exiled to Titan where they
would be free to pursue their perverse visions
of freedom, human rights and the rule of law.

4. Whereas the greatest natural disaster of 2004,
the tsunami, was unavoidable, the greatest man-
made disaster of 2004, the re-election of GWB,
could so easily have been avoided and would
have been if Americans were generally more
enlightened people.
As it is, the world must now, during the next 4
years, somehow find ways to prevent the most
dangerous and incompetent American president
ever from blowing up the planet. It won't be
easy but if all civilised nations work together,
I believe it is possible.

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