03 December 2006

Latest US Veto in UN-SC

About a week ago the US yet again vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel, this time for the massacre in Beit Hanoun in which 19 people died, many of them women and children killed in their sleep when a volley of tank shells "missed" its intended target - "rocket launchers in an orange grove".
Israel said the incident was "a tragic mistake" caused by a "technical malfunction".

Ten of 15 Security Council members backed the resolution.
Four abstained - Denmark, Japan, Slovakia and the UK.
On what grounds please???

How many times has Israel tried to explain away its state-terrorism and barbarity with such pathetic and unbelievable statements?
Remember the incident last summer when an entire family, except young daughter Huda, was wiped out in an instant by a shell on a Gaza beach?
Israel denied that it had anything to do with it and blamed the Palestinians themselves.

How many times has America vetoed resolutions against Israel, thereby insulating Israel from international law and international wrath?
This insanity must stop!!!

The single biggest improvement that could be made to the UN, and it could be done so swiftly and easily, would be to abolish that right of veto, but of course it will not happen: America, as ever obeying its Jewish / Zionist masters, would promptly veto such a logical and decent move to democracy!
Until that right of veto is abolished and replaced with simple majority voting, the United Nations, the highest law-enforcing body in the world, will remain nothing more than a very expensive ostentatious irrelevance.

This time, US Ambassador John Bolton called the text "unbalanced and politically motivated" and said in his untenable defence that: "This resolution does not display an even-handed characterisation of the recent events in Gaza, nor does it advance the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace to which we aspire and for which we are working assiduously" - yes, that is what he said although it is difficult to believe your ears. America is doing absolutely nothing to advance any solution to the most tragic and serious political problem in the world whilst the Israelis are busy building more and more illegal 'facts on the ground', making a viable two-state solution a physical impossibility. Bolton also said that Israel's incursions into Gaza were "military operations, which are legal" and said Palestinian rockets fired into Israel was "terrorism". This blind protection of Israel proves, yet again, that America has no positive role to play in the ME, none whatsoever.

Israel is forever screaming and squealing about the Iranian presidents perceived threats to "wipe Israel off the map" at some unspecified time in the future (incidentally, as I understand it, the closest approximate translation of what he actually said, amounts to: "Israel should be cleared from the scene" which, I hope we agree, is substantially different) whilst Israel itself has already all but wiped Palestine off the map, which always was the Zionist intention, if you take the time to read a bit of history.

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