14 December 2006

Ali al-Sistani

(I wrote this brief note on his birthday in
2004 when he was rumoured to be 75).

Is it not extraordinary that the only person
displaying real statesmanship in the Iraqi
tragedy is a cleric? Shame on everybody who
says that religion is other-worldly and irrelevant!

I am of course talking about
Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani
whose shrewd blend of angelic patience and
calls for restraint on all sides, alternating with
controlled demonstrations of Shiite strength,
leaves one hopeful of a better future for Iraq
once the vultures have left or been driven out.

God bless you Ali, may you live another
75 years, the world needs people like you!

(On his website www.SISTANI.org
I found this magnificent portrait photo
and include it here for you to enjoy).

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