13 December 2006

Turkey and the EU

(First posted early 2006)

Having been to Turkey I must say: I love it!
Awesome scenery, amazing monuments,
beautiful music, wonderful people,
and Istanbul is my favourite city.

In the past, I was all in favour of Turkey joining
the EU, but increasingly I have felt that maybe
it is not such a good idea after all -
and I mean for Turkey!

Although as a bridge between the white
Christian-but-secular Europe and the brown
Muslim Near-Middle East, the concept looks good
enough on paper as Turkey is, by its constitution,
a secular state but an overwhelmingly (99%)
Islamic nation, so could in theory be the ideal
"soft landing" for both sides.

However, when I hear that Turkey has been told
by the EU to scap a proposal to make adultery
a criminal offence, I feel that it is time for Turkey
to say NO!
I don't know whether a majority of Turks would
vote for or against the proposal were they to hold
a referendum, but that is not the point, the point
is, that is for the Turks themselves to decide and
not for the EU to dictate as a precondition for

The current government is the moderate
Islamist Justice and Development Party -
how they managed to sell that to their people
I don't know but the proposal was dropped.

What next must Turkey accept?
Homosexual marriages maybe?
Abortion on demand?
Quotas for women in parliament and industry?

Turkey already has Associate Member status
with the EU giving it many of the benefits and
advantages that full membership would bring -
maybe Turkey should stop there and reconsider?

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