12 December 2006

Western Megalomania

(First posted early 2006)

Tony Blair recently said, when commenting
on the possible involvement of Iran in the
insurgency in southern Iraq, that "There can
be no justification for Iran to interfere in Iraq".
Please read that sentence again.

That statement is a perfect example of the
extent to which the collective West suffers
from megalomania.

Iran is a direct neighbour of Iraq and has every
reason to be concerned and alarmed and has
every right to attempt to influence things and
events there, not least because around 65% of
Iraqis are Shia Muslims as are almost all Iranians.

In stark contrast, can Tony "Mini Bush" Blair
explain to me and to the world with what
justification he dragged his country, against
the will of the majority, into the illegal war of
aggression against Iraq?
There can be absolutely no justification for
Britain, or for any other distant country,
to interfere in Iraq! Or in Afghanistan!

That nobody speaks out immediately after
hearing such insane demagoguery is a tragic
indication of the extent to which the Western
world has been indoctrinated by the mass media
which are almost entirely owned, controlled and
directed by Jewish-Christian interests
(you wonder why!).

For an alternative view and voice, I recommend
to everybody to regularly visit the AlJazeera
website. I would also monitor the AlArabiya
website if they had an English version but so
far it is in Arabic only.

But why does nobody elsewhere speak out,
from the non-aligned groupings for example?
Are they all really so afraid and if so, of what?
Have they all been bought by Western aid
money? Or bullied into submission?

By the way Tony Blair, the insurgency and the
mayhem and destruction in Iraq is a direct result
of the invasion and if you don't know why, let
me tell you: no people likes being occupied, don't
take my word for it, go ask the Palestinians, they
know about that, and believe me, the insurgency
in Iraq will continue until the last foreign troops
have left voluntarily, been kicked out or killed.

Also recently, Syria withdrew its c 15,000 troops
from Lebanon after withstanding enormous
international pressure for a very long time, in
particular of course from America which also
talked about "Syrian interference in the internal
affairs of Lebanon".
Again, one is left speechless at the hypocrisy.

How can Bush & Co even mention words like
interference when they themselves have 150,000
state terrorists in Iraq and 20,000 more in
OK so there was a UN SC resolution calling for
Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon but why should
Syria take any notice of one resolution when
Israel has been getting away with simply
ignoring masses of them for decades?

Consider the comments of British foreign
secretary Jack Straw after the bombings against
British targets in Istanbul in November 2003
(during GW Bush's state visit to Britain!).
He was using phrases like "We who represent
the civilised world must blah-blah-blah...".
But by any rational examination of the facts there
is very little civilised about the Western world's
dealings, known as foreign policy, with the rest
of the world, in particular the Muslim world.

No civilised nation would ever invade another
sovereign nation without absolutely pressing
reasons. As the whole world knows, there were
no such reasons for the invasions of Afghanistan
and Iraq.

No truly civilised nation would support Israel,
civilised behaviour and the behaviour of Israel
are mutually exclusive!

In mid-March 2006, Tony Blair, in a major speech
on foreign policy during the 3rd anniversary of the
invasion of Iraq, said that the "Battle about
modernity" and the struggle against Islamic
fundamentalism is "Not a clash of civilisations.
It is a clash about civilisation". Words fail me!
So "we" are oh-so-civilised and "they" are
sub-human brutes?? TB should be thoroughly
ashamed of himself!
If you think about it, this turn of phrase is
incredibly sinister and dangerous.
By repeatedly describing other groups in this
kind of language and hammering home that
"we" are against them because "they" are wrong
and all they do is bad, the unspoken underlying
message is that "we" are therefore right and all
we do is good.

Classic propaganda technique which has
been used throughout recorded history:
Repeat the same lies often enough and
they become the accepted norm.

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