17 December 2006

Human (or Suicide) Bombers

(First posted early 2006)

Muslims refer to what is known in the West
as suicide bombers as human bombers.

Just a moment, before you condemn human
bombers, ask yourself this simple question:
Is there anything I believe in strongly enough or
am angry enough about to blow myself up for??

As regards the Palestinian human bombers,
what other lethal weapons have they got?

Unlike Israel, they do not have the latest
American-made tanks.

Unlike Israel, they do not have the latest
American-made attack helicopters equipped
with the latest American-made missiles.

Unlike Israel, they do not have nuclear weapons.

Unlike Israel, they do not have an air force,
a navy or even an army.

So what can they do other than blowing
themselves up, hoping to take as many
Jews as possible with them?

Human bombing missions in the illegally and
brutally occupied territories seem to me to be
a perfectly reasonable form of resistance and
in my opinion cannot be described as terrorism,
in addition, international law acknowledges the
right of the occupied to resist.

The Palestinians want their land back.
Is that wrong?
Is that really so difficult to understand?

Human bombing missions inside Israel would
seem to be a different matter but consider this:
As I understand it, tens and tens of thousands
of Israeli citizens of military age, both men and
women, who are not actually full-time members
of the Israeli Defence Force are in some way
associated with the IDF as part-timers, reservists
or volunteers and they have high-powered small
arms and ammunition in their homes.
In a narrow military sense, therefore,
those are all legitimate targets.

The children, on both sides, on all sides and
everywhere, are of course innocent and one
maimed or dead child is one too many.
As we all know, in these grim statistics, the
Israelis are way ahead of the Palestinians...

Most people believe that human bomber missions
is something peculiar to Islam. Not so!

They have for decades been a favourite tactic
of the Tamil Tigers on Sri Lanka, the most
spectacular case being the "tigress" who blew
up herself and the Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi at an
election rally on 21 May 1991, in the southern
Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Although the vast majority of Tamils are Hindus,
the Tigers volunteering for human bomber
missions are said to be completely non-religious
(and non-smoking and non-drinking) and, very
interestingly, they do not consider what they
do as suicide, in their words they "donate
themselves to the cause".

The human bombing in Sri Lanka's capital
Colombo on 25 April 2006, an assassination
attempt on the nation's army chief, was timely
if brutal confirmation that these tactics are
NOT exclusive to Islam.
Did you all hear that?? NOT exclusive to Islam.

The Japanese kamikaze pilots during the Second
World War were also human bombers, the fact
that they flew one-way aircraft instead of hopping
on the local bus does not change anything.

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