18 December 2006

London Bombs

(First written late 2005)

Muslims refer to what is known in the West
as suicide bombers as human bombers.

This was Britain's worst nightmare come true:
All 4 human bombers were British Muslims of
which there are about 1,5 million and, being
British citizens, you cannot just round them
up and deport them all...

Shortly after the London bombings last July,
that dreadful tabloid newspaper The Sun,
incredibly Britain's best-selling daily, dedicated
the front page to a picture of the veiled wife,
now widow, of one of the bombers holding
their baby boy, with the headline:
"One day I shall have to explain
to him what his father did".

What about Tony Blair who, against the will of
the majority of its citizens, dragged Britain into
that illegal war of aggression against Iraq?
As far as we know he is a practising Christian.
My front page would therefore carry a photo
of Tony Blair and a photo of one of the more
than 100 dead British soldiers and the
headline would be:
"Tony, one day you will have to explain
to God what you did!".

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