09 December 2006

Iran's Nuclear Programme

(First posted early 2006)

Consider the current rantings and ravings
about Iran's nuclear programme.
Not a word about that of Israel!!

As I understand it, in law any nation which has
reached that level of technological development,
and Iran clearly has, has an inalienable right to
nuclear technology.
OK so maybe they were hiding something -
who isn't? Let them get on with it!

The Iranian president's recent comments about
the world operating a "nuclear apartheid policy"
is an accurate assesment of the facts.

If the US and its allies insist on Hamas
renouncing violence against Israel because,
as they say, democracy and violence are
incompatible, presumably the US has now
taken the military option off the table for
good in its paranoid "problems" with
Iran's nuclear programme??

If I were Iran I would flatly refuse to discuss
or restrict any part of my nuclear programme
unless and until the world spends exactly the
same amount of time and effort worrying about
and investigating first and foremost Israel's
nuclear programme, but also those of Pakistan,
India, North Korea - surely that would only be
fair and reasonable?
And in the world's own best interest.

The US Congress willing, IAEA but non-NPT
India is to be rewarded by America with transfer
of nuclear technology in return for opening only
14 of its 22 nuclear facilities to inspection, the
last 8 will remain "off-limits" as declared military
installations. As ever, American foreign policy is
as incomprehensible as it is untenable.

If I were an iranian living in Iran, having
witnessed America and the Coalition of the
Killing taking over first my eastern neighbour
Afghanistan and then my western neighbour
Iraq, I would want my country to develop
nuclear weapons, and as soon as possible:
That just might keep those rabies-infested
Judeo-Christian wolves from my door.

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