08 December 2006

Made in Denmark

(First posted early 2006)

I am Danish and have travelled extensively for
decades. I have always told people everywhere
I went that coming from a small unimportant
country has certain advantages because it is,
well, too small and unimportant to upset anyone.
How wrong can you be!

Denmark joined the Coalition of the Killing
in those illegal wars of aggression first against
Afghanistan and then against Iraq, and now
those dreadful drawings of Muhammad (pbuh)
which have resulted in violent protests against
little Denmark right across the Islamic world,
from Morocco and Nigeria in the west over
occupied Palestine to Saudi Arabia, Iran,
Afghanistan and Pakistan to Indonesia in
the east. Denmark is suddenly world-famous
but, tragically, for all the wrong reasons.
Decades of hard work by decent people
destroyed overnight!

As I say in my long poem Axis of Evil :
"..Watch out Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rome..."

When I next travel in Islamic countries I shall still
when asked, and you always are, tell them that
I am Danish but I am not looking forward to it.

At least I can prove to them that I love their
culture and have a profound respect for their
religion which maybe by then, Inshallah, will also
be mine (isn't it already?), so all is not lost but I
can think of better ways of promoting
Made in Denmark.

PS And I formally became a Muslim
on 15 November 2006.

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