07 December 2006

Freedom of Expression

(First posted early 2006)

I wrote this note in response to the uproar in
the Netherlands after the showing of the short
film Submission which later resulted in the
killing of the producer, Theo van Gogh, but it
applies equally to the recent uproar over
those drawings in JyllandsPosten.

Speaking generally, in a civilised society which
wishes to remain civilised, surely any right to
do anything must be balanced by a matching
obligation to exercise that right in a decent
and responsible manner.
It seems that Newton's Laws also apply here!

In that respect the West has lost its way and
could learn a lot from the Islamic world which
steadfastly rejects the tsunami of obscene violent
moronic Western plastic entertainment.
That dreadful Nike slogan says it all:
"Just do it" - but how wrong can you be?

The message is: Do what you want
and to hell with the rest of the world.
If that is what you want, fine, go right ahead,
but not in my world because it is the sure
road to ruin and only the blind can fail
to see the signs.

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