06 December 2006

Is America a Democracy?

What kind of question is this, I hear you ask.

Well, consider this:

1. It is pretty clear that GW Bush was not
properly elected first time (2000), not only
because of those 537 (?) cases of "when is a
hole a proper hole", but more seriously because
of the missing ballot papers for many thousand
(20,000?) of voters in northern Miami,
a predominantly black area which would
indisputably have voted overwhelmingly
democrat which would have given Florida
and thus the presidency to Al Gore.
What a pity - the world would have been spared
8 years of quite likely the most dangerous and
incompetent president in American history.....

2. Surely, in a true democracy, almost anyone
can run for high, including the highest, office,
would you not agree? Not so in America!

You cannot hope to run for president unless
you can amass several hundred million dollars for
your campaign which at a stroke disenfranchises
about 99% of the population:
You can vote, yes, but you cannot run!

Consider the grotesque example recently when
billionaire Michael Bloomberg was re-elected as
mayor of New York City:
He spent approx 100 million dollars of his own
money on the campaign! Now, he may be a
good man for the job, he may even be the
best available but the point is, again, almost
everybody else is unable to run simply because
they are not themselves fabulously wealthy or
cannot raise the vast amounts required.
In effect, all but the super-rich or the
super-connected are sidelined which
surely is profoundly undemocratic.

3. Consider then Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the
new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
which America so pathologically hates
(both the new president and the republic!).
He is a man from a modest background, had a
modest career in the military, of modest means,
lives modestly as far as we know, was elected
mayor of Tehran and then ran a campaign
against former president Rafsanjani who is,
if not personally super-rich, incredibly well
connected to those who are and the modest
outsider -who is not even a cleric!- won a
spectacular victory. Now, whatever else you
may think of Iran, that is democracy in action.

Ah but the Council of Guardians, I hear you say,
they vet and eliminate anyone they do not like
and on strict Islamic principles. That is true.
But in America candidates are vetted and
eliminated by their lack of funds and by the
various Jewish organisations, oh yes they are:
Can you imagine anyone becoming a candidate
for any high office in the US who has not first
sold out to the Zionist lobby?
Impossible, unthinkable, will not happen.

Now, the Jews represent about 2%
of America's population of 300 million -
that is profoundly undemocratic.

Incidentally, the Jews currently represent
a shrinking 0,22% of world population,
just thought that might interest you.

4. And there is of course America's frequent use
of its right of veto in the United Nations Security
Council, usually in order to yet again protect
Israel's illegal and barbaric behaviour, thus
thwarting the majority will of the highest law
enforcement body in the world.
By any definition, that is obscenely undemocratic.

The single biggest improvement that could be
made to the UN, and it could be so swiftly and
easily done, would be to abolish that right of veto
but of course it will not happen: America, as ever
obeying its Jewish masters, would promptly veto
such a logical and decent move to democracy!

5. Whilst the Islamic Republic of Iran since it was
established in 1979 has invaded no other country
(the 8 year futile and tragic Iran-Iraq war was
started by Saddam Hussein who in those days
was "our man" and therefore suitably armed by
the West), America and its lackeys in the
Coalition of the Killing has invaded and taken
over two Islamic countries in as many years
without any pressing reason, first Afghanistan
on the pretext of looking for Osama bin Laden
& Co after September 11 and then Iraq based
on a pack of lies. Anyone who is not a fool can
see where the danger is coming from and
which is the rogue state here: Not Iran!

About 25 years ago when I was working in
Saudi Arabia, I first heard Ayatollah Khomeini's
description of America as the Great Satan.
I remember shaking my head and laughing.
How times and my opinions have changed!!
Today, as a "sound-bite" description of America
and all it stands for, I find it penetratingly

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