25 December 2006

Petition-6: Israel Tourist Offices......... re: Jerusalem is NOT the Capital

According to the official website of
the Israeli Government Tourist Offices,
Jerusalem is the "Capital of Israel",
whereas according to international law,
Jerusalem is illegally occupied and has been
illegally "formally" annexed by Israel.

Clicking on the following URL will take you

to the official website of the Israeli Government
Tourist Office, hilariously called "Go-Israel"
(and I am sure most of us agree with the
Iranian p
resident in wishing that it would,
and the sooner the better!!)


(should clicking not work,
simply copy-paste URL into your browser bar)

and a bit of browsing will soon tell you that
"Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel". Not so!

I therefore urge everybody to point out

this outrageous mis- and dis-information,
by sending the following message
(copy-paste) to ALL of the email
addresses listed on the website
(grouped together below for your convenience):

-------------start of comment-----------------------

"Sir / Madam,
Whilst browsing your website, I noticed the

following glaring error which I herewith bring
to your attention:

Jerusalem / Al-Quds is most certainly NOT the

Capital of the Zionist state created in 1948, and
inshallah never will be but it is here stated as
being so. No other nation on planet Earth, not
even Israel's universal protector America,
regards it as such but it is all part of the "long
slow march of Zionism", a little-by-little
conditioning of the world's popular opinion into
believing it or simply giving up and accepting it.

Before the creation of Israel there was a clear

understanding by all parties involved that, in due
course, Jerusalem would become an International
City, and that was accepted, officially at least,
by everybody, including the "founding fathers"
of Israel.
In 1967 it was of course seized and later

"formally" annexed by Israel, a totally illegal act.

As late as 1 December 2006, the UN General

Assembly voted overwhelmingly (82% in favour!)
that Israel's continued occupation of Jerusalem,

all it has done there and intends to do, is illegal
and therefore null and void according to

international law.

For Israel itself to describe Jerusalem / Al-Quds
as its capital is no more than wishful thinking
and Zionist hallucinations.

IMMEDIATELY!! Thank you."

-------------end of comment------------------------

You should be able to send one group email to

all of the offices in one go, here are the current
(January 2007) email-addresses, 23 in total
(some offices have more than one email):


I have tried to string them all together here,
separated only with commas, and it ought to
work in one copy-paste operation.

For the "Subject"-field in your email,
I suggest you use:
"Sorry, Jerusalem is NOT the Capital of Israel".
If you leave this field blank, or write something
totally irrelevant or insulting, your email is likely
to go straight to bulk-spam-rubbish-trash
without being read, and that would be a pity!

If you do participate I would appreciate you
telling me so, either by commenting below,
or via email on myspeak13@yahoo.com
with at least your name, city and country,
if emailing me quoting no. 6 please,
so I know which petition it was.

You agree to your details being used on this
website for inclusion in a possible list of

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