24 December 2006

Favourite Websites

News/Current Affairs:

Press TV
Iranian state news website in English,
my favourite news source since it
started in 2007 - highly recommended!

The Ugly Truth
if you want to know why our beautiful
world is in such a horrible mess, and who
we have to thank for it, subscribe to this!

Russia Today

General Political:


About Palestine:

Palestine Return Centre

the background and inalienable
rights of the refugees

Palestine Remembered
the most moving Palestine site I have
yet seen - please visit!

If Americans Knew
American website bravely questioning
US support for Israel

Israel Palestine Pro-Con
excellent overview of this tragic conflict

Electronic Intifada
Palestinian perspective on Israel-Palestine

Palestine Times

Palestine Info
Palestine Information Center

From Occupied Palestine
news and archive articles from the conflict

Peace Now
the original voice of reason from Israel

Israelis monitoring human rights etc
in the Occupied Territories

Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Mordechai Vanunu

Free Vanunu
we should all salute this brave man
who is a hero, not a traitor

Breaking the Silence
former Israeli soldiers speaking out,
please read!

About Chechnya:
Save Chechnya Campaign

Free Chechnya

Kavkaz Center

About 11 September 2001:

Scholars For 911 Truth

excellent! very impressive and
convincing material - see for yourself!

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth
same comment as for above

911 Truth

same comment as for above

Question 911
same comment as for above,
lots of free downloads

Prison Planet

more about 11 Sept 2001,
plus related subjects
Reopen 911
"Catch the Real Terrorists" -
evidence of the cover-up
911 In Plane Site
mainly video and photographic evidence
of the cover-up

How 911 Was Done
internet discussions,
highly recommended
You Tube
click and search for "Israel 911 terrorist ties" -
watch and listen!

About 7 July 2005:
Official Confusion
the London bombings -
another inside-job and cover-up!

New World Order:


More Islam:

World of Islam

portal for links to all things Islamic

Islamic Poems
readers poems (incl. my AXIS of EVIL)

Quran Miracles
science in the Quran,
exceedingly interesting

Pro Hijab
supporting the rights of Muslim women

Harun Yahya

evolution or creation?
read, listen, watch, and decide for yourself!

Islam Web
general Islam website,
outstanding section of Quran recitations


Biblioteca Pleyades
surely the most amazing portal to all things
to do with mysteries, conspiracy theories,
alternative opinions -
around 80% in English, rest in Spanish

LL Research
for spiritual seekers,
incl. the Ra Material and the Law of One

UFO Evidence

World Mysteries
general mysteries site
BigFoot Research
all about Sasquatch / Bigfoot

Legend of Nessie
all about the Loch Ness Monster

Earth Files
reports about science, medicine, the environment
and the paranormal

Star Child Project
will this turn out to be the hard evidence??

LLoyd Pye
the website of the Star Child custodian

Legendary Times
the website of Erich von Daniken

Zecharia Sitchin
official website

Robert Bauval
official website

Graham Hancock
official website

John Anthony West
official website

Alan F Alford
official website

Andrew Collins
official website

Mythical Ireland
"new light on the ancient past"

The Morien Institute
"skywatching through the ages

on a restless Earth under angry skies"

The Golden Age Project
"revising history - recovering knowledge"

Meta Research
led by maverick astronomer Tom van Flandern

Spirit and Stone
focus on stone working technology
in ancient Egypt

Edgar Cayce
all about this amazing man

Prehistoric Science-Art
very interesting - have a look

Sacred Sites
the World's best loved sacred sites
brilliantly photographed by Martin Gray


Discovery (Channel etc etc)
all the Discovery links in one place

Sacred Texts
amazing collection of sacred texts,
includes just about everything

Radio Station World
for stations you can listen to on your PC

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