25 January 2007

Congress says NO to GWB

The revolt by the newly empowered Democrats
in the US Congress, and the brave Republicans
who are joining the growing chorus of, to put it
politely, unease at GWBs plan to send about
21,500 additional troops to Iraq, has now
resulted in a resolution which will be voted
on by the full Senate, stating that sending the
extra troops to Iraq is "not in the national
interest" of the United States.

The response from VP Dick Cheney was
predictable: "President Bush has made his
decision on Iraq, the fact of the matter is
we need to get the job done".

There we go again - as if another 20,000 or for
that matter 200,000 troops, which America has
not got anyway, would "solve the problem", which
is of course entirely of America's own making and
richly deserved. Oh the folly, the stupefying

This also of course overrules the clear call for a
change of direction not only in Iraq but generally
expressed in the mid-term elections in November.
Democracy? No room for that in the Bush admin!

Incidentally, I don't believe GWB makes any
decisions himself, they are made for him by
the still more evil and devious people in the
background, like Cheney, who indisputably
played a murky role in 11 September.....

One supporter of GWBs more-troops-for-Iraq
plan is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani
(who should also tell the world what he really
knows about 11 September), also running for
president in 2008, who said:
"I believe we should give the president the
support to do this. I want us to be successful
in Iraq, I know how important it is to the overall
war on terror. Success in Iraq means a more
peaceful world for America, it means a victory
against terrorists. Failure in Iraq means a big
defeat against terrorists and the war on terror
is going to be tougher for us".
Again, oh the folly, the stupefying arrogance!
Do these people in high places not know ANYthing
about the real world? There IS no successful
outcome for America in Iraq, and if Iraq is a
hotbed of radical Islam now, then it has been
turned into one by America's brutal meddling in
a sovereign nation which was no threat to the US,
and as such, if some of that hatred for the Great
Satan was to follow the US home, that would be
no surprise to rational people and richly deserved
retribution for the death and destruction caused
to Iraq and Iraqis.

By far the greatest contribution America could
make towards a safer and more peaceful world
for everyone would be for ALL American citizens
to return to US soil immediately and stay there
for at least a generation.

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