25 January 2007

More UK Staff to Kabul

The British government is sending up to 35 extra
"diplomatic staff" to Afghanistan, which will make
that impoverished shattered country one of the
Foreign Office's biggest overseas missions.

Official comment says the move is an attempt to
"prevent the country suffering the same level of
chaos and violence as Iraq".

Apparently, this is to be achieved by staff
focusing on tackling drug production and
corruption as well as building institutions.

There is currently between 50 and 100 UK-based
"diplomats" in Afghanistan, including counter-
narcotics specialists and the head of the "enlarged
family" will be one of Britain's highest profile
diplomats, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, currently
ambassador to Saudi Arabia, fluent in Arabic,
and previously ambassador in Tel Aviv where
he learnt Hebrew.
That last qualification will certainly not endear
him to the Taliban, nor do they speak Arabic,
unless Sir Sherard is planning to recite the
Quran to them which I am certain would be
appreciated, but being overwhelmingly
Pashtun, the largest ethnic group in the
country, the Taliban speak Pashto.

It is clear that what Britain and the wider West
hope to achieve by staying on in Afghanistan
is at all costs to prevent another outbreak of
political Islam, which is here to stay anyway,
whatever the neo-Crusaders do.
They may be able to keep it repressed so long
as they stay, and pay and die, but eventually,
this year or next year maybe, they will have to
go home and leave Afghanistan to the Afghanis,
which of course civilised nations would have
done all along, but this is the Wild West where
"might is right" and "we know what is good for
you", which could be summed up in one word:
The West has absolutely no chance of what it
would see as long-term success in Afghanistan,
or Iraq, but of course arrogance and stupidity
frequently walk hand in hand -
they are probably "Siamese Twins".

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