29 January 2007

Human Bomber Strikes in Israel

There has been a successful Palestinian human
bombing mission in Israel, the first since April last
year, which is remarkable, given the desperate
plight of the Palestinians.

It was unusual in that it was the first to take
place in Eilat, Israel's southern resort town on
the Red Sea, 3 people were killed as the bomber
detonated in a bakery in the morning.

Immediately all the predictable statements
came from the usual sources:

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert vowed to continue the
"Ongoing and never-ending struggle against
terrorists" - so why don't the Jews set a good
example by stopping their own daily terrorist
attacks on the Palestinians?

Israeli defense minister Amir Peretz said:
"This is a grave incident, it's an escalation
and we shall treat it as such" - presumably
by blowing more Palestinian women and
children to bits?

In Washington the White House condemned
the violence and said it held the Hamas-led
government accountable - which shows yet again
how blind to reality the US Admin is, for one of
the groups claiming joint responsibility is allied
to president Abbas' Fatah party, but of course
when did the facts on any matter interest the US?

"Failure to act against terror will inevitably affect
relations between that government and the
international community and undermine the
aspirations of the Palestinian people for a state
of their own" - alway this brutal arrogance from
the Great Satan.

A Hamas spokesman in Gaza called the attack
a "natural response" to Israeli military policies
in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as its
ongoing boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian
government. "So long as there is occupation,
resistance is legitimate".
Adding pointedly: "The right thing is for Fatah
weapons to be directed towards the occupation
and not Hamas".

A Fatah spokesman said: "We are against any
operation that targets civilians, Israelis or

Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades
claimed joint responsibility for the attack, and
apparently a 3rd previously unheard of group
was also involved.

Both main groups said the bombing was meant
to help bring an end to weeks of Palestinian
infighting that has killed more than 60 people
in the Gaza Strip since December.

Islamic Jihas's website proclaimed:
"The operation has a clear message to the
Palestinian rivals. It is necessary to end the
infighting and point the guns toward the
occupation that has hurt the Palestinian people".

The bomber was identified as:
"Mohammed Saksak, 21, of Gaza City.
Saksak's family said he had left their home
three days ago and not returned.

Relatives said he was despondent because he
was unemployed and his baby daughter died
recently of an illness. Also, his best friend was
killed in a clash with Israeli forces, and his
brother is a top Islamic Jihad militant".

Is anyone still surprised that young men do
these things??? You shouldn't be but instead
should remove the causes, which are there
for any rational person to see, and those
causes could be removed relatively quickly,
if the World had the will to do it, but it doesn't,
so the suffering continues.....

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