08 January 2007

Nuclear Head Rolls in US

The head of America's National Nuclear Security
Administration, Linton Brooks, has been fired
because of repeated lapses of security at some
of the nation's most important and extensive
installations, such as the Los Alamos facility in
New Mexico, ranging from theft of computer
files containing personal data of employees,
failing to report this to his bosses for 8 months,
classified documents were found at the home of
a female employee with top-secret clearance
(during a drug raid!!), misplaced and/or lost
computer discs containing classified information,
alleged misuse of credit cards, etc.
This is particularly disturbing when we hear that
the agency has a total of 37,000 employess,
most of them contractors.

It would appear that the IAEA should focus on
America, which in turn should stop persecuting
Iran - same rules for everybody!

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