08 January 2007

Tali Fahima Freed Early

Tali Fahima, the first Israeli imprisoned for
"collaboration with the enemy", and sentenced
to 3 years in late 2005 for aiding the Palestinian
resistance, has been freed nearly a year early,
released for good conduct, but with restrictions:
banned from leaving the country, contacting
foreign agents, entering the West Bank.
In order to avoid the charge of treason
(=probable life sentence), she pleaded
guilty to lesser charges.

She befriended Palestinian resistance leader
Zakaria Zubeidi, who has "most wanted" status
in Israel, and visited him regularly at his house
in Jenin in the West Bank, often acting as his
human shield to protect him from assassination
by Israel.

In the past, Fahima once called the Israeli
security service Shin Bet a "terror organisation".

And speaking to supporters at her release, she
said: "I don't regret anything, and I will continue
to work against the occupation and for peace".

Tali Fahima, thank you so much for showing us
all that there are decent right-thinking Israelis
who can clearly see what must be done and have
the courage to start doing it.
Keep up the good work - you are a heroine!

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