31 December 2006

Petitions against ISRAEL (intro+index)

Goods made in Israel have BAR-Codes
which start with the 3 digits 729

(should that not be changed to 666 ?!?!)

Before going on to the Petitions: I tried to
add that lovely GIF which revolves around
the message: "Boycott Israeli Goods" and
then shows you that all products whose BAR-
code starts with the digits 729 come from
Israel - but for some reason it will not work
here on my weblog although it works fine
elsewhere, which is strange.
Even if I cannot make it work, I hope you
got the message!!!


If by work we mean forcing or encouraging

change, then clearly some petitions do work
but it is undoubtedly a question of numbers:

If enough people participate to reach a
"critical mass", the momentum becomes
unstoppable, and "people power" will prevail.
Together we CAN make a difference!

So have a look at the petitions below and

decide whether you wish to participate:

1. To the EUs
Neighbourhood Policy

2. To the EuroVision Song Contest

3. To UEFA - Union of European Football Assoc.s

4. To Google Earth

5. To Israel Government Tourist Offices

(Right of Return)

6. To Israel Government Tourist Offices

(Jerusalem NOT the Capital)

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