23 January 2007

Second US AC in Gulf

America is sending a second aircraft carrier into
the Persian/Arabian Gulf, no doubt as a very rude
message to Iran, which intends to complain to the
UN SC about the detention in Iraq of several of its
citizens, claimed by Iran, and supported by Iraqi
statements, to be diplomatic staff.
As ever, America thinks the whole world is the
Wild West and its own playground.

But there could be other reasons for its arrival:
Newspaper reports say that Israel has recently
made test-flights with fighter jets all the way to
Gibraltar, the entire length of the Mediterranean,
possibly in preparation for strikes against Iran's
nuclear installations, so having a second US AC in
position would help to counter Iranian retaliation,
whether against Israel or American targets in Iraq.

Don't rule anything out, Israel is as paranoid as
ever and its so-called government might well go
for such a "heroic" measure in the near future,
to stave off calls for the resignation of Olmert
and Peretz, and in an effort to restore some
national pride (badly bruised last Summer in its
ill-chosen showdown with Hizbollah) in typically
illegal and brutal fashion, to the Zionist state.

And America, as paranoid as ever, might think
that a good idea, to "solve the Iranian nuclear
problem once and for all" (as their tiny cowboy
minds would see it) or might simply have to go
along with whatever its Zionist masters have
decided. Also, don't forget, the neo-Cons are
running out of time!

That Britain would make Gibraltar available for
Israel to practice totally illegal and outrageous
ventures should surprise nobody, given the
hideous bunch of war criminals currently in
charge of the Queen's backyard.

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