23 January 2007

Jordan going Nuclear too??

Jordan's King Abdullah II has said he would be
interested in his country getting nuclear power
of its own, joining recent aspirations expressed
by Egypt and Turkey last year, and only days
ago the 6-nation GCC (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the
United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman)
said it is exploring setting up a joint project and
has already commissioned a study. And why not?
If you have reached that technological level and
you can afford it, and Iran obviously falls into
both those categories, then ANY country has the
right to pursue it, so long as they adhere to the
norms and safeguards stipulated and agreed by
international bodies. Period, end of story.
As Iran's Ahmadinejad has said, "nuclear
apartheid" is unacceptable and of course
he is right.

Jordan's desire for nuclar power has a peculiar
ring to it though, to start with, surely the country
could not afford it?
Is it all just something he has been instructed by
Condi Rice to say now, as the evil Americans
explore all devious ways to rattle Iran?

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