23 January 2007

Gulf Cooperation Council explained

Following hot on the heels of US FM Condi Rice,
new US defence minister Robert Gates has
visited the Middle East:
The headquarters of Central Command's naval
staff, which is located in Bahrain with the US
Navy's 5th Fleet.
Then he went to Qatar to meet with the Emir.
Afterwards he visited an air base from which
Central Command's air staff plans, runs and
monitors air operations throughout the Middle
East and Central Asia.

The Gulf Cooperation Council was formed in May
1981 between the following 6 Arab and Muslim
The United Arab Emirates
The State of Bahrain
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Sultanate of Oman
The State of Qatar and
The State of Kuwait,
and the introduction to the charter declares,
amongst other things, these noble ideas:

"The underpinnings which are clearly provided for
in the preamble of the GCC Charter, confirm the
special relations, common qualities and similar
systems founded on the creed of Islam, faith in a
common destiny and sharing one goal, and that
the cooperation among these states would serve
the sublime objectives of the Arab nation".

Can the Western stooges clinging autocratically to
power in all these places tell us how their actions
serve that Arab nation??

The suggestion a few days ago by the Iranian
president, that the Gulf states should kick the US
military out of their countries altogether, was very
quickly brushed aside but of course his idea is not
only courageous, it is clear and logical and would
indisputably serve those nations and the region
much better than the current "voluntary
occupation" by the Great Satan.

Go on, all you auto- and kleptocrats:
Hold free and fair internationally monitored
elections, ask your people what they want and
you can rest assured that when the results are in
and counted, it will be one loud piercing cry of:
Americans go home!
Go on, do it, and do it now!

As it is, the Gulf Cooperation Council is certainly
living up to its name, but not the noble way it
was intended, for the cooperation is with the
West and its evil ambitions for the region.

Or do the letters GCC stand for:
The Gates and Condi Club??

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