23 January 2007

Olmert: Already Time to GO?

The Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, already in deep
trouble over the disastrous war against Lebanon
last Summer, and also over a property deal in
Jerusalem, now faces a criminal investigation
into his role in the privatisation of Israel's second
largest bank, Bank Leumi, in 2005, when Olmert
was finance minister in Ariel Sharon's Likud-led
government. Olmert is accused of having
promoted the interests of two close friends.

What with record low ratings in the polls, the
resignation of army chief Dan Halutz, all the
sexual misdemeanour and rape charges against
president Moshe Katsav and others -
what a pathetic glaring contrast to the
God-fearing, clean-living, straight-dealing
men of Hamas and Hizbollah!

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