23 January 2007

Doomsday Clock Moved Forward

The scientists who look after the so-called
Doomsday Clock, created in 1947 to warn of
the dangers of nuclear weapons, have moved
it forward by 2 minutes and it now stands at 5
minutes to midnight, the first adjustment since
They cited "North Korea's first nuclear test,
Iran's nuclear ambitions, U.S. flirtation with
bunker- buster nuclear bombs, the continued
presence of 26,000 American and Russian nuclear
weapons and inadequate security for nuclear
materials" and, for the first time, also included
climate changes with the phrase "Global warming
poses a dire threat to human civilization that is
second only to nuclear weapons".

Interestingly, the same scientists moved the clock
two minutes forward in 2002, to seven minutes to
midnight, following the 11 September attacks on
the United States.
Now that we all know that those attacks were, in
part at least, planned or carried out, or certainly
allowed to happen, by the American government,
are we going to re-adjust the clock accordingly?
Precisely because of that home-made idiotic
War-on-Terror (WOT?), the world is a much
more unsafe place for us all.....

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