19 January 2007

First Muslim in US Congress

My belated congratulations to Keith Ellison,
the first Muslim ever elected to the American
Congress, in Ellison's case to the House of
Representatives as a Democrat for the 5th
Congressional District in Minnesota, gaining
56% of the votes. Whilst a practising Muslim,
he would describe himself as a moderate.
He still took his oath of office using a Quran
and not the Bible, much to the disgust of
several lawmakers. But why should a Muslim
use the Bible for events like that - it would be
totally meaningless.
America, as so many other countries, has still
not really accepted that Islam exists - but it
does and is by all accounts the fastest growing
faith on the planet, so do yourselves a favour
and get used to it now, learn something about
it, and read the Quran with an open mind,
at least once, for one thing is certain:
Islam is here to stay!
And may Keith Ellison be the first of many!

Update 23.01.07:
A fellow Muslim, CrusaderWatcher, has
commented and having now read Ellison's
initial statements on Israel-Palestine I must
say I am deeply disappointed, and it again
proves the total Zionist stranglehold on
American politics. Wake up America.

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