18 January 2007

Ahmadinejad in Latin America

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been on a tour of
Latin American countries with newly elected or
re-elected left-wing leaders, calling first on his
best friend in the region, Hugo Chavez in
Venezuela, then moving on to meet the new
president of Nicaragua, former Sandinista leader
and former president Daniel Ortega, later he
went on to Ecuador to watch the inauguration of
the new president there, Rafael Correa, and was
also to meet Bolivian president Evo morales.
Iran has also close and friendly relations with
Lula de Silva's Brazil.

Isn't it amazing??
In its blind, extremist, radical, ideological pursuit
of political Islam and natural resources in the
Islamic world, GW Bush's America has completely
ignored its own huge backyard and, for the
foreseeable future, the countries of Latin America,
with a few exceptions, are a lost cause for the
May it remain so for at least a generation!

That is a major geo-political change and a
South or Latin American version of the EU
is likely to emerge soon as a counterweight
or common defence against America -
seems like a sensible direction to go.

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