17 January 2007

Saudi FMs advice for Iraq

American FM Condi Rice has had a few busy days
running around the ME, trying to drum up support
for GWBs latest "plan" for Iraq, basically sending
around 20,000 more troops.
Predictably, the Gulf States plus Jordan and Egypt
have endorsed the "plan", their unrepresentative
and undemocratic governments little more than
the lackeys of the West.

Amongst other things, Saudi FM Prince Saud
al-Faisal told a news conference:
"The Iraqi government must stop the resistance,
bring everyone into the political process and
realise the hopes of the people" adding that Shia
militias must be disbanded and the U.S.-backed
constitution, seen as pro-Shia, revised.

Why not start at home? How about realising the
hopes of the Saudi people?
And why this paranoid fear of Shias?
Could it be because Saudi has about 20% Shias?

Roll on free and fair elections in all Arab countries,
and the West would get the democracy it claims it
so desperately and nobly seeks.
There would be Islamists in power from Morocco
to Saudi Arabia - bring back the Caliphate!

At the same news conference Condi Rice said:
"We have the same goal, which is an Iraq unified
with its integrity and territory intact which
doesn't face outside interference".
How obscene can you get?
America is by all accounts building 14 permanent,
sorry "enduring", bases in Iraq - will they all be
handed over to Iraq when US troops leave?
There was no outside interference before the
illegal invasion in 2003, the tragic bloody mess
that Iraq is today is wholly and entirely the fault
of America and the neo-Cons and their perverse
fantasies of re-engineering the world to suit only
the insatiable greed of Western Corporate
America really is the Great Satan,
as Khomeini so astutely observed.

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