17 January 2007

Mahmoud Abbas increasingly irrelevant

Sadly, but not unexpected, the Palestinian
president Mahmoud Abbas has made himself
increasingly irrelevant and almost ridiculous,
most recently by going to Jerusalem to receive
the "kiss-of-death" directly from Olmert himself,
returning with vague promises of $100 million
of the Palestinians' own money, illegally withheld
for months (there is $600 million more), if Abbas
could specify what it would be spent on, vague
promises of a prisoner release, reneged on a few
days later, and very vague promises of possibly
starting negotiations soon.
Although Israel claims to support Abbas, most of
its actions undermine him: only days after his
visit, Israel announced its decision to build a
new settlement in the Jordan Valley.
Nice friends to have!
Then Israel OKed a weapons-deal for Fatah
with Egypt. More humiliation for Abbas!

Now America has promised around 85 mill dollars
to equip and train Fatah security forces but of
course the price will be more compliance from
Abbas, the expectation that he will agree to
almost anything.

Last month, Israel proposed setting up a
provisional Palestinian state, with a border
based on the illegal separation barrier Israel
is building in the West Bank.
The only sensible thing Abbas has said recently
was to rule out that he would even consider a
"provisional" Palestinian state in "temporary"
borders. No doubt, if accepted, it would become
quasi-permanent, allowing Israel to beaver
away behind their barrier, creating more illegal
"facts on the ground" whilst preparing how best
to engineer the next crisis which would, as ever,
allow Israel to seize still more land.
Israel is only serious about two things -
more land and fewer Palestinians.

And now Abbas has been promised a real effort
by Condi Rice to revive the so-called peace
process, long dead of course. Ha Ha Ha!
America's sudden love for Abbas has nothing to
do with wanting a Palestinian state but everything
to do with ignoring, curtailing, containing, the
legitimate government of the Palestinians, led by
Hamas. To talk only to the president and not to
the government is simply ridiculous and will lead
absolutely nowhere, which will suit both America
and its Zionist masters fine - Israel's greatest
fear is serious honest negotiations using
international law as their reference, so such
negotiations must be prevented at all costs and,
as always, between them America and Israel
will find a way to do just that.

In the meantime, the Palestinians wait and wait,
suffer and starve, and the world should be
thoroughly ashamed of itself, but isn't.

Abbas' biggest problem is that, just like America
and Israel, he has never truly accepted the
Hamas election victory almost a year ago but
Hamas did win, a clear absolute majority that
anyone claiming to believe in democracy should
welcome and be proud of and, as a matter of
course, be eager or at least willing to deal
with the resulting government.

The more Abbas cosies up to America, the more
he will look to the Palestinians like a traitor and
if he believes for one moment that America has
the best interests of his people at heart then he
is gravely mistaken. In terms of foreign policy,
America exists only for Zionism.

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