17 January 2007

Bush and "Signing Statements"

Whilst there is nothing wrong in principle with
the practice of the American president adding
"signing statements" (an addendum where he
normally queries the constitutionality of certain
sections) when signing new legislation into law,
the way they have been used by the 43rd
president, GW Bush, frequently in order to
actually modify the meaning of laws already
crafted, agreed and passed by Congress, and
frequently to assist the relentless neo-Con pursuit
of that laughable and failed project, the "War on
Terror" (or WOT?), is now worrying lawmakers
in Washington, and the sheer number of times
he has used them is simply staggering, more
than 700, and whilst that number itself may be
meaningless, you realise what is going on in the
Bush White House when you hear that this is
more than ALL previous presidents combined!

Far from being the straight and honest guy
he posed as before "elected" first time, and
vowing to restore the honour to the White House
(which Bill Clinton had dragged through the mud
or rather the sleaze), Bush has turned out to be
devious and dishonest, to the degree that you
can more or less safely assume that he thinks
and means the exact opposite of what he is
saying, but of course that is not restricted to just
him - many, quite likely most, Western politicians
are soon re-engineered to play the game when
they enter politics, maybe young and idealistic.

But wait a minute:
Bush claims to be a born-again Christian - should
his faith not prevent him from this kind of at best
questionable and at worst despicable behaviour?

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