17 January 2007

GW Bush: "We are going forward"

The latest hallucinations from this deranged
president is that at least 20,000 additional
troops are needed in Iraq and he is clearly
determined to go ahead no matter how loud
the objections from the new Congress.

Aside from the obvious fact that what Iraq needs,
and needs desperately, is fewer US troops, not
more, and also aside from the welcome and
hilarious fact that the US armed forces are now
stretched very thin thanks to the mis-adventures
of this administration, - his pig-headed obstinacy
raises serious questions about his attitudes and
personal commitment to democracy:

The results of the mid-term elections were a loud
and clear call that American voters wanted a new
direction, not only in Iraq but generally and, if
this man truly believes in democracy, he must
accept the results and heed that call -
if he doesn't, then holding elections is reduced to
more or less a sham, a farce, a show to keep the
population pacified whilst the real government,
the one behind the scenes, carries on with its
evil work as if no elections had taken place.
GWB has already shown that, whilst maybe not
actually deaf, he is certainly very hard of hearing.
Good Americans, shout louder!!
Remind your CEO and CIC that he is now
a lame duck and must act like one.

Instead he is still fantasising about "victory" in
Iraq and Afghanistan and against al-Qaida etc.
What a fool, what an idiot, what a sick man!

A couple of days ago he said:
"If we do not succeed in Iraq, we will leave
behind a Middle East which will endanger
America" whereas any rational person can see
that the longer the Americans stay in Iraq and
elsewhere, the more the general hatred of
America will grow, and richly deserved.
And of course, America will remain hated in the
Middle East and the entire Muslim world until it
ends its automatic support for and protection of
Israel, which is in complete contradiction of the
US national interest anyway.

Asked if he owes the Iraqi people an apology for
botching the management of the war, he said:
"Not at all. We liberated that country from a
tyrant. I think the Iraqi people owe the American
people a huge debt of gratitude".
Well, that is certainly one way to look at it!
Try to sell that to those tens of thousands of
Iraqis who have had loved ones or relatives
killed, maimed for life or gone missing as a
direct result of the illegal invasion and
occupation of Iraq which GWB and the
neo-Cons so desperately wanted at any cost.
Well, you got it, you evil monster and
The tragic bloody mess that is now Iraq was
entirely predictable and where it will end nobody
knows, least of all GWB and his butchers.

Announcing his decision to send 20,000 more
troops to Iraq, GWB said: "We are going forward".
Don't forget a body bag for every one of them!

PS An explosion outside a Baghdad university
as students were heading home killed at least
65 people on Tuesday in the worst of several
attacks on mainly Shia areas.
The attacks, and the announcement of four US
military deaths, came on the same day the
UN said more than 34,000 Iraqi civilians died
last year in sectarian violence.

I hope all Americans who support this war are
thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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