17 January 2007

I don't like Condi Rice

Whilst realising that there are more pressing
matters to write about, I must say this:
As for the current American Secretary of State,
formerly National Security Adviser, Condoleezza
Rice, whenever she speaks, it is difficult, very
difficult, to believe that she is a professor of
political science from Stanford University.

Whatever she says, it is either worn-out,
self-evident, pompous pious platitudes or it is
such obvious and outrageous lies that you want
to scream!
How people like that can live with themselves
is a mystery, but obviously they can, and are
probably proud of what they are doing too!

As an aside, did you know that her first name,
Condoleezza, is a proper musical expression,
is Italian, and means that the indicated section
is to be played "with sweetness", and we are
told her mother knew very well what it meant
when she selected it.
We are entitled to ask: So what went wrong???

She is apparently an accomplished pianist:
Keep your bloody fingers off Beethoven,
he is too good for you!
Leave Beethoven for the Pope!

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