17 January 2007

Somalia sliding back where it was...

SOMALIA is on the slide back to where it was.
Having had no proper central government for
15 years or so, and having been "ruled" by the
various warlords who are operating along clan
loyalties, and with a totally non-representative
internationally-backed transitional government
wielding neither influence nor power holed up in
the provincial town Baidoa, it must have been a
relief to most in Somalia to see the emergence
of the Union of Islamic Courts, which, with their
strict interpretation of Islam, finally brought
some law and order, stability and security to the
parts of Somalia which they controlled -
sadly using the past tense here as the Ethiopian
army, helping its friends in Baidoa, and backed
by the West, has dislodged the UIC and driven
them from power. Predictably, the warlords have
moved straight back in, and almost certainly will
return the situation to the utter chaos it was.

Ethiopia's invasion of its neighbour Somalia is
of course totally illegal and a flagrant breach of
various treaties and conventions, just like the
invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq
by the Great Satan and Co - and not a squeak
from the international community. As usual the
UN SC could not agree on anything substantial,
so, just as in the case last Summer of Israel's
grotesquely savage destruction of Lebanon and
its friendly people, giving the time to Ethiopia
to remove the UIC and for the US to, again
totally illegally, send aircraft in to shoot and
bomb "suspected al-Qaida hideouts" on the
Kenyan border, in one attack locals insisted
that 31 civilians had been killed by US fire.

Isn't it amazing, the Ethiopian government
which until very recently was being criticised
and harassed by the West about flawed elections,
brutal suppression of protests, and threatened
with the prospects of aid being withheld failing
improvements, suddenly everything is OK and
nothing is a problem. Why? Simple:
Because the rising power in Somaia was Islamist.

Here, yet again, we see the long bloody fingers
of the Great Satan: Any situation is OK and to be
preferred, from lackeys and stooges, posing as
democratically elected representatives, to brutal
dictators, made-to-measure and installed if not
readily available, to absolute chaos, mayhem
and anarchy, anything goes, absolutely anything,
so long as it is not political Islam.
Is it not clear to all by now?

Political Islam, if the democratic choice of the
majority of the people, has every right not only
to exist but to prosper which, if left alone, it no
doubt would and THAT is the nightmare-fear of
the West, and it is easy to see why:

Compare the elected pathetic compulsive liars
of America, Britain, Israel etc, who only serve
themselves and vested interests, with the god-
fearing, clean-living, straight-dealing leaders of
Hamas, Hizbollah etc.
Which would you rather have?

The time for the Islamic world to unite is long
overdue - bring back the Caliphate!

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