20 February 2007

Anybody Left in Israel??

It is one scandal after another in Israel and
it must now be legitimate to speculate aloud
whether any politician or high-ranking official
currently serving is "clean" - from the president
and prime minister down, they are either falling
like autumn leaves or under some kind of

-The former justice minister Haim Ramon,
accused last summer during Israel's grotesquely
savage onslught on Lebanon, has now been found
guilty of sexual harassment,

-One of Olmert's closest aides over many years
has resigned pending an investigation into her

-The PM himself is under investigation for a bank
deal from when he was finance minister,

-The nation's figurehead president Moshe Katsav
is "on leave" pending the investigation of his
alleged multiple rapes and, as he is due to retire
anyway this coming summer, he will lose his
immunity then, if not impeached by parliament
in the meantime,

-Army chief Dan Halutz resigned shortly after the
dismal performance of Israel's "invincible army"
against the resistance fighters of Hizbollah,

-The head of the tax authority Jackie Matza
resigned a few days ago amid allegations that
appointments were influenced by businessmen
in exchange for tax breaks,

-And now the police chief Moshe Karadi has
resigned after a government commission
reported that due to alleged misconduct he
should be removed (for failing to make sure
that the police thoroughly investigated the
1999 murder of a suspected crime boss and,
separately, for having ignored links between
senior officers and leading figures within
criminal circles).

Oh the proud Jewish State of Israel!
Oh the pure heart of Zionism!

And these are the people, supported blindly by
America and the rest of the West, who refuse to
talk to the God-fearing, clean-living, straight-
dealing Islamists of Hamas and Hizbollah.....

It certainly tells the Islamic world all it needs
to know about Israel and the West.

Muslims of the World unite!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's possible Israeli politicians are more corrupt than in other places but it can also be said that it's probably the only western country where the police are unafraid to march into the president's office and arrest him. It certainly wouldn't happen in any Muslim country.

Your post contains no reasoning, just mudslinging propaganda.