20 February 2007

Mahmoud Abbas - the Dancing Bear

So, the 3-way meeting in al Quds (Jerusalem) of
Condi Rice, Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas was
a waste of time and breath - oh what a surprise!

The 2 of them repeated to Abbas and the world,
like deranged parrots, all the conditions that the
new Palestinian government must fulfil before
America and Israel will consider talking to it.
We have heard it all ad nauseam but repeating
those conditions does not make them any more

Why must the Palestinians recognise Israel?
All Israel's actions, particularly all those illegal
"facts on the ground", make it absolutely clear
that Israel has NOT recognised Palestine and
has no intention of doing so.
Besides, Yasser Arafat did recognise Israel many
years ago and what did that bring his people?
Nothing but the continuation of suffering, misery
and despair.

Why must the Palestinians renounce violence?
Israel, the occupier, is using savage violence
against the Palestinians, the occupied, every
single day in one way or another and is in
continuous breach of its obligations under the
Geneva and other treaties and conventions.
Besides, according to international law, the
occupied have a legitimate right to resist the
occupier and the occupation.

Why must the Palestinians honour, respect and
implement past agreements when almost every
act by the Israelis directly contradicts and negates
those self-same agreements?
Besides, it is surely no coincidence that the title
of that frequently mentioned "agreement",
The Road Map, rhymes with Load of Crap??
Read the text of it, including of course the long
list of amendments attached by Ariel Sharon,
and you will soon see that it is a road map to
Nowhere and to Hell for both parties and the
Road to Ruin for hopes of a functioning
Palestinian state.
The Road Map is irrelevant to the Palestinian
struggle because it was only meant to buy time,
and lots of it, for Israel to implement its
"Final Solution for Palestine".

Yet there was Condi Rice, telling Abbas and the
world that a future Palestinian state could not be
founded using violence and terror!!
Why not indeed? Most nations are founded that
way, including of course Israel and some of those
Zionist terrorists later became prime ministers,
including Yitzak Shamir and Menachem Begin -
many current Israeli politicians are openly proud
of those facts, including Benjamin Netanyahu.
And the United States of America was founded by
insurgency and civil war which eventually was
successful in throwing out the occupiers and
Right now, America is using violence and terror
to re-create 2 sovereign nations, Afghanistan and
Iraq, neither of which was any threat to America,
in America's own sick image according to its own
perverse and evil ideology.
Same old story, as with Iran's disputed nuclear
We may, because we say so, but you may not!

The time is long overdue for at least Russia to
leave that useless Quartet and say clearly that
it doesn't want to play anymore and start aiding
the Palestinians directly.
That would at a stroke reduce the Quartet
to a Trio.
And several individual EU countries could also
without causing any major problems for
themselves start direct aid to the PA and to the
legitimate Hamas-led government.
There can be no excuse for NOT doing so.

Nor can there be any excuse whatsoever for
all Arab (and Muslim) nations not to help, and
if America objects and threatens their banks,
as it has done up to now, well, the time is long
overdue for those Arab governments to do what
they know to be right and overrule American
objections, failing that, it is to be hoped that
"the Arab streets" will finally explode and
demand justice not only for themselves
but also for their brothers and sisters in
occupied Palestine.

Mahmoud Abbas would look much more sensible
and decent if he would simply tell America+Israel
that unless there are real concessions from Israel
then please don't call me because it is bad for my
status back home to be seen with you two.
Little more than their unpaid dancing bear or
underpaid clown, he looks more and more silly
and irrelevant to the Palestinians and their

Did he get any of the 9,000 or so mostly illegally
held prisoners released?
Did he get any of the 600m USD illegally withheld
tax money?
Did he get anything at all??
Really, he should be ashamed of himself but if he
is not, surely most Palestinians are!

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